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Jose Thorny Maria of the Hunters and Jaén Angels
“Password” and lady make generous contributions economic, they let to us use its small palace in Legardeta, and they have given to us to two of his txurumbeles. The presence of so splendid patrons in this section was forced. Haiku goes for them this:

Oh, Legardeta,
strong carlista temple!
Who would pillage to you!
Galician Gastón Father
He was partner before there were partners. He was pioneering in the art of the veteriario hooliganismo before the puppies redefined the concept: Gastón father has seen probably more starting off of Veterinary medicine than any other partner, and has lived to the limit every minute on them. With the same ardent character of his son, one has become from the band the whip of incompetent referees and dishonest players. At the most unexpected moments one puts in a tangana and it fights elbow with elbow with Gas, in plan Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Gas would do of Spencer, clearly.
The woman who knew to investigate under the gummy facade of JEA and to take the love to her life. Tere rescued of its fantasies balandronas better transforming the world into a place. It does not content with that was further on and, with a worthy generosity of tribute, it has shared to JEA with the equipment, has spurted to us of botiquinero material, it has attended parties and third parties times… everything seems to indicate that its final sacrifice will be to give itself in marriage to JEA, what Fay Wray in hands to Kong. That it blesses it to God! By all this, a pleasure turns out to give to the welcome to the Hall FAMA to this charmer counterparts of Felicity Huffman.
Ignacio González Luján “Nacho Debit”
There was a time in which the poney did not play rugby. A time in which it comprised of the dynamic pair known like “the brothers Vito”, friendly both short of Eaglet. Now, it is only one: Nacho De Vito, the man of papada bionic. Although it likes too much the night like rising early, when it is decided and it come to see us a party, the chaste one is spilled from the launching slips. To know him implies to become this question: What would have happened if it, and not the poney, had been united to the equipment?
Alberto Anaut
Pioneer in the noble art of the veterinary patronage, Anaut “the Killing one” has given much us: celebrations in his feudo of Galindez, close year ends (until the tragic arrival of the “Chillout Period”)… only two spots dim their enviable trajectory: the cheese and the wine that promised to us like “premiums” and that never got to give…
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