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Mándanos a message:
All equipment needs a social base, that gives breath to him in the parties and some luck of economic support to finance its expenses.
In the times in which the Veterinary CR was a university club of rugby, its social support came from the companions of race which they animated to the “Facu” in the parties of the Complutensian league, and the financial support of the own university institutions.
But progressive (and painful) the distance of the university surroundings left orphaned Veterinary medicine of any type of support.
He is against this background where the figure is born from the partner in its veterinary definition, totally coherent with the present federal nature of the club.
The partner, in a club like ours, is a friend, a relative, a fianc2ee, an undergone fellow worker, that accedes (normally after an implacable campaign of the player “supports that it”) to formalize its support to the club.
As of that happy moment, sealed with symbolic (or a not) grant, a reciprocal commitment is born: the partner accedes to, in the measurement of his possibilities, to go to animate to the equipment in the parties. The equipment, in return, is committed to mimar to the partner, who immediately is made creditor of a series of privileges:

- Invitation to the third parties times: after the party, what less than to share with the partners to char them, laughter, birras, and something to itch. The Club invites…

- Subscription to our veterinary bulletin (of more or less weekly regularity): of the last party photo and, summary data next best of the day.

- Special Prices in our merchandizing: Nothing shines more than the taken veterinary colors with pride!

- Straight of Pernada: Certain dark rumors speak of a norm nonwritten, according to which the partners in age to deserve can arrange to please of the favors of their favorite players, to the way in which the women of the patricia nobility gave themselves to the gladiators who prevailed in the sand of Rome…

And for those partners who have distinguished by the force of their commitment and the generosity of their contribution, a place in our Hall the fame.