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17 Fernando Atauri de la Cruz Puppy
Second. A pseudo-nobiliary last name never concealed a so feral nature (except for perhaps the one of Pocholo), and never a payasil smile was so turbulent mask for psique. The puppy is high, strong and, when the alcohol runs by its veins, the incarnated evil. Better to have it behind than ahead (with shades).
Sabbatic year
35 Jose Maria Blond Palomo Chema
Third. Another veterinary ciberfichaje, the arquetípico rookie. Although it remembers to the Probe by his sincopada and spasmodic race, to his greater places it corpulencia in the third line, where it has revivido the lesionadoras deeds of Tony. It excels like no other novice in his devotion to the veterinary folklore, del that someday will be guard and disseminator.
Missing in action
32 Echedey Hernandez Arteaga African, Sport Billy, Mayango
Wing. Nobody defines better to this young canary cantautor that he himself: “I emphasized in all the sports that I have practiced, muyayo”. Arranged not to be less in rugby, It throws grows to an admirable rate. He is green, but it blooms. In addition, its provision of has turned it to rum-honey into the right eye of Deivis.
Missing in action
19 Facundo Marquess Guanaco
Half Melé. Something was an Argentinean fizzles (it is worth the redundancy) that began to train with us and have ended up training to us with admirable results. Game one has become a referring offensive and the man to follow by the rival defenses, in spite of a painful absenteeism in the final straight line and an enormous consumption of birra.
Missing in Action
26 Javier Barceló Guido Chelo
Third. This industrial engineer of mysterious (and feminine) nickname is fibrous and quick like the ray, and great placador. To only a little corpulencia would need him to become an indispensable one of third. Lamentably, an anxiety of trotamundos has seized of him, and takes already of tour several years. It will return “brokie”? It will count histories of truck drivers?
9 Carlos González Martinez Carlinchi
Half Melé. Industrialist. Although tiny in stature, “the small player of Veterinary medicine” (as he were baptized by means) takes making weights from the cradle, which combined with its ferocity of rocker has done which him subject everywhere. Its geographic distance has not prevented him to continue bringing closer the shoulder, although it misses to him.
Active reserve
21 Fernando Bouzas Senande Crystal I go
Center. One releases rompecinturas stride of gacela and contrapié is the letter of presentation of this slim player with roots in Architecture. Its tendency not to finish the parties takes to dispute with other players the title to him of “Crystal King”. One lies down fianc2ees who clear hipo. It will be by his similarity with Miguel Bosé…
Missing in Action
12 Javier Golden Martinez Tattoos
Zaguero. It is not clear what was the origin of this singular personage, friend of piercing and the tattoos. We only know that during years it contributed to anger and coldness to the rear, and that was in addition responsible for the arrival to the equipment of Facundo and for the Baboon (and, therefore, of the Cuñaos). After one season in Majorca (things of the love), it does not finish being decided to return.
Temporary leave of absence
- Mountain violet Flowers Fissium therapist
Of the little good thing that it has arisen from the febrile nocturas razzias of the Probe (that was its discoverer). Violet made use to us like physiotherapist, and it delighted with his sincopadas races slightly to us from the band. This small one was of good grazes, as they demonstrated to his patience before the insistent and sticky advances of the puppy and the dedication whereupon magreaba the punished meats of Guille. It did not last as much as we would have wanted…
- Miguel Muñoz Cutuli Cutu
  Talonador. Great satán banquillizador. Its liceísta past granted to him, in other times, it licenses to play, and it commanded to the bench to many innocent victims. Now, after a long parenthesis given in body and soul to the noble art of the audit, it has returned to the equipment. The concept of “talona incarnates dynamic”, although its roll within the equipment still is about to define. Its second last name will be familiar to the H.P readers. Lovecraft.
It will return
- Pablo Avendaño X-pectorator, Flanders
  Wing, center. In spite of the sickly mucous flow that rezuman their lungs, this rubicundo industrialist, of powerful race and skill without limits, it has potential to become a substitute three quarters, only frustrated by his vocation of trotamundos.
- Manuel Notched Gutiérrez- Tote, Toter
  To pound. First. This industrialist, bourgeois and vividor, marked two esthetic landmarks before his early one retired: with its hairdo, bright and relamido even when the finishing the parties; and with its gallumbos showing under pantallón of game (style that since then takes its name, like its famous full convertible to poker, known like “toter”). Everything a chaste one.
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