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2 Manolo Aguirre Moscardó Chucky, Titan
Talonador. It began like banquillista, but to his constant it took it improvement to the apotheosis: its call by the Madrilenian. But that one marked the beginning of its declivity: not only it sank to the selection (at the moment dissolved), but a series of has turned it to injuries into a sad reflection than it was. It only aspires to recover the respect of the equipment.
24 Oscar Perez Troitiño Tato
Second. The Tato before was plumper and played of pilier, but it made the diet of the cucumber and a syphilis remained fact. Now, still powerful express but, moves with soltura by all the advantage. In addition, one has become motero that takes chorbis of street and distributes justice by the ways, in plan Lorenzo You lick.
1 Jorge Allies Herrera Magui, Pellet
Pilier. Although their duties in company have taken the familiar it to exile itself in their large estate, Marquess de Oropesa has all the race of the gorrinos with whose meats he deals, and their visits are greeted like May water: in the field it is a howitzer of thin and dark meats; in the third time, an inexhaustible source of pure-blooded wisdom.
Lawyer with Honors
- Carlos Charlie to toaster
Pilier. First. Its colorful vital philosophy, and their jovial and frank character, causes that the absence of this solventísimo first is doubly painful. We did not discard that, someday, Charlie returns to walk by the fields its as a child great smile, its shaved skull and its Scottish bagpipe.
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