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13 Wagon Guillermo Cross

Center. Young person, but essential, has grown unstoppable from his arrival to Veterinary medicine, having arrived to be in charge of the trainer task: quick, capable and strong, he absorbs rugby as a sponge. At the moment, its doubtless offensive value is complemented with a descoyuntador placaje. Her mother, santa varona, disapprove that our noble sport practices. A pain.
14 Ignacio Hernandez Vallhonrat Ratilla
Wing. Engineer gray by day, made tipsy seductive cosmopolitan at night, the Batman de Aravaca on the contrary gained its roedoril nickname thanks to its surprising robberies of ball, often culminated in test. Its bombproof commitment is almost as valuable as its agile race and retozona (although sometimes this one is truncated in an inopportune slide). Expert in the technique of the “discotequero ABC”. In spite of its problems of diction, nobody whispers like him in the ear of the féminas.
11 Miguel Martin Branches Probe
Wing. Although a certain anatomical distortion flagstone which could be a quick race, probe compensates this sport tare with a collaborating eagerness that moves to take off the hat. Anywhere that is a work to do, his (corrupt) management is a guarantee. Son of Coppola.
34 Stopped Bald Jose Angel Jose
Wing. Ciberfichaje of few words, but of powerful physical form, to which it is only possible to reproach a certain absenteeism of the training (by labor reasons) and an indecent tendency to the escrotal rascada one. Its fast progression has only seen braking by a series of inopportune injuries.
25 Jesus Thorny Maria of the Hunters Chustas
Wing. The small brother of Homer has the suicidal delivery of his brother, but also his tendency to disappear of the map. There the similarities finish then where Homey is corpulent, Txustas is fibrous and quick. After an injured series of goings and comings, it has returned, with a pair of kilos of more, but with the wisdom that gives the years.
- Juan Ovid Alonso Benítez Obi-Juan
Wing. Veterinarian of turbid Frenchified origins, the powerful race and agile handling of the ball of this athlete have turned to him into powerful assets of our line. The transparencies lose to him.
- Matthieu Merlet Matt
Wing, center. Member of the increasing circle to gabacho-albéitar, Matt has gained a hollow in the veterinary line in a series of splendid activities, having combined speed, skill, and determined placaje.
- Alexandre Pierron of the Montluel Marmotte
Wing. Another one of the French signings fruit of the 2008 harvest (What good year that one), the Marmotte young person receives the nickname of his deep narcolepsy. Of technique less purified than the rest of his countrymen, a physicist taken care of until the metrosexualidad is conceited nevertheless. Addict to the tonic drought… and from time to time he receives calls of God.
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