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15 Luis Palaces Palaces

Zaguero. Another one of the aces in the sleeve of Veterinary medicine. Small, dark and quick, few are the players able to placar it in race. Their incorporations to the attack are frightful, and in some equipment it is known him like “the placador dwarf”. His wife, the archipielágica Jezabel, is the brain in the shade of the equipment.
10 Galician Gastón Diaz Gassy, Fatty
Opening. The man who took on his shoulders to the equipment in the dark years. In spite of certain overweight, that it augurs future to him of third, Gastón continues being a referring offensive, express, fort and desequilibrante. Hopefully the life as a married person has adjusted its fogosidad to be able enough to take to the veterinary line to where it corresponds to him to be.
22 Alvaro Diaz Marquez Pebbles, Paibels
Zaguero, means of melé. Although a risky labor life and some that to another unfortunate sometimes separate it injury from the equipment, Pebbles always returns, contributing to solution like three quarters multipurpose, phlegmatic veteranía and one oriental smile.
15 Nicholas Reps Nico
Zaguero, wing. This French, with the red cheeks of Heidi and the explosive race of Speedy González, ambassador of rugby champagne in Spain, has not been able but to surrender to the enchantments of rugby they will pacharán veterinary, del that has become a fanatical apostle.
- Borja Peche Larena Boha
Center. The one that a day was youngest child of the equipment and companion of excursions of the most corrupt Probe, has returned, what son prodigal, and turned into a more mature and stable player, but with an optimized physicist. To see if it is let see more…
- Victor Manuel Garci'a Fertile valley Vitocho
Half melé, third. This veteran of the glorious times has reincorporated itself of active way to the veterinary tridente, giving to us with a generous dose of hardness, sacrifice and vision on the field, and humor socarrón outside him. Husband of Belinda and brother-in-law of Deivis.
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