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7 David Dark Martin

Tercera.Deivis, the player dean of the equipment is one of jewels of Veterinary medicine. Unstoppable with the ball, frightful placador in defense, is one of the people in charge of which the advantage of Veterinary medicine has become a dynamic and frightful coletivo, in spite of its tendency to bleed by the ways. It will have Bourbon blood? It was captain from September of 2002 to June of 2006.
The third youth
6 Aitor Aguirrega- Viria


Third. … and half melé, and center… the “poneyvalente” contributes to stoic anger euskaldún is put to him where it is put to him. Short a hairy one and of few words that arrived from the hand of the Eaglet and quickly took control of a hollow in the 15 to title: great placador, and a ray that in attack appears where less it is expected to him. Chosen captain from the season 06-07. Those cry that did not take advantage of their recent period soltería, is already matched.
6 Thorny Alvaro of the Hunters Homer
Third. If Magui represents in the equipment hidalguía rural, the heir of the Principality of Estella raises to the standard of the nobility requeté. A testicular prodigy inside and outside the field, after an unavoidable abandonment of the practice of rugby has returned, with desire renewed, after finding a crazy traumatólogo that he guaranteed his battered vertebrae.
Returned among deads
8 Antonio Leon Villapalos Tonette, Tonsuras
Third. Tony, the man of the bionic knees, takes enough in this time, but it follows it jeopardize and distributing with generosity motivating his prosa and its fist (or elbow) justiciero (so generously that sometimes the ration arrives to us also at those of the equipment). Devotee father of family and manager of Urbasón, the kings of the narcotics detective-MGP.
Returned to the edge, with a knee that Robocop would envy
22 Rodrigo Grandson King Rorri
  Third. Among mists of the past, and after its tour by all the slaughter houses of the United Kingdom (successfully of critic and public) it returns Rorri, another one of great myths of the university Veterinary medicine. Smiling in the style of Pepe (we go, who gives fear if you do not know him), and with disquieting a similar one to Robert Englund, Rorri is being redescubriendo like player of rugby, and seeing in what position fits better its style of untiring and fierce game.
22 Carlos Sanchez Kempoi
Second, third. Vanguard of the waited for veterinary generational relief, athletic and lenguaraz Kempes has been gotten up with great enthusiasm to the veterinary discipline. To only it loses his love him to the tunos. Soon he will be responsible for the Web…
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