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5 Jose Maria Pays as a tax Larena Pepe, Pietro Arkan
Second. The VETERINARIAN of Veterinary medicine. Pepe is high, strong, fast and flexible… at least, his body is it, although he tends to become demoralized itself (rare for everything a military man and present member of the CNP). The most memorable tanganas of the equipment have counted with their participation.
4 Juan Jose Fernandez Gil Eaglet, Juanan
Second. Member of the old industrial guard to whom as much it must Veterinary. The eaglet is a little erratic (by curro, by fianc2ee…) but when it is on the foot of the tube, it contributes speed, handling of the ball, placaje, and fine humor socarrón… everything an English Lord. The rumors associate that it with certain derailments of the Barcelonian street car are totally false.
20 Luis Miguel Muñoz Sanz Guiputxi
Second, third. Once known like the Cuñao by its relation with the sister the Baboon. Lismi discovered rugby already mature, it embraced but it with estusiasmo, and to day of today it contributes solution like saltador and in the open game. His father is traced the narrator of “the great Lebowski”.
- Placid Pachi
Second. This colleague of Rorri, great and heavy, gives to us with his contagious laughter, an unstoppable wordiness, a powerful attack and a stubborn defense… when its professional life (full of vice) and they allow it to relative.
33 Francisco Rosón Go'mez Frannie, Frannagan
Forward. Brought to the equipment by the Eaglet, Fran is the most recent rookie of the equipment. It progresses suitably, but still it must learn on the complex office of forward. The first lesson: that back, STRAIGHT LINE. Their legs have snatched to those of the Probe the title of “Columns of Hercules”.
- Brown Gonzalo Pizarro Faemino
Second. Another veterinary recruit. By his strength and size, he is called to replace, next to his brother, to the pair of second that formed the Cuñetis, sadly ill-fated.
- Brown Guillermo Pizarro Tired
Second. The mismito that its brother, but with the populated eyebrows less.
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