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1 Victor Lopez Jiménez Obélix
Pilier. Hairy originating signing of industrialists technical, Obélix is a fixed one of veterinary forward edge. Hard and express until nausea (normally, of the opposite), only one certain weakness (produced by the practice of other sports) manages to separate from its enthusiastic work of meat demolition this vikingo from time to time front sweaty.
18 Jose Enrique Alvarez JEA
Talonador. First ciberfichaje of the equipment, has overcome a certain initial hostility (caused by its natural bocón) to happen to comprise integral of the heart of Veterinary medicine. His touches is improvable, but its deep vigorexia favors to him with volumes that nor the Potemkin. Brother of Jessy and husband of Teresa.
31 Joaquin Gil de Vergara Paddy, Mr. Incredible
Pilier. Its arrival, of the hand of Echedey, was the one pleasing news for all: first they are rare and precious jewels, and Joako has embraced rugby, and its roll within him, with ferocious enthusiasm. And hard quick (for its volumes), to Joako to only it fails a little him the bellows. And that sometimes remains just a little bit in the vine, the truth.
- Rodrigo Royo Rorro, Bollito
Talonador. One of those signings who arrive I do not know knows well from where (, normally tie strangely to Chucky). In spite of its youth and its lack of stereoscopic vision, Rorri Jr is done of the flexible one grazes that it forms to the great ones first, decorated with very a welcome eagerness to bring closer the shoulder. That it follows thus.
- David Martin Belushi, canes
Pilier. Belushi for, Canes for others, and Vilches for the minuses, this young person of fleecy sideburns and melancholic gesture is contemplated like the awaited transfusion of veterinary forward edge.
- Francisco Perez Fontán Kiko
Pilier. Of alcoholic voice and easy laughter, this industrialist recycling in jurist demonstrated his error all those that denied that it was possible to be caused a spill in an eye with vomiting. More race than a alsaciano shepherd.
3 Guillermo Nephew Fertile valley Baboon, Doctor, Bamboo
Pilier. The arrival of a player of volleyball of raised the pitch of voice and verb redicho was welcomed with certain skepticism, replaced (or perhaps combined) progressively by the respect and the admiration. Baboon not only contributes to orthographic Orthodoxy and flema Telematics, but force, weight, and a continuous rugbístico growth. Fan de Hermione Granger.
Meditating the return
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