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The of Madrid counts on one larguísima history initiated in the university scope during which already it began to reap numerous successes and excellent results thanks to the participation of players who arrived at the highest levels from rugby Spanish, like White Felipe, captain of the Spanish Selection, and other many that they exemplified the best thing of the veterinary spirit: sportsmanship, gives, sacrifice in the playground… and many desire of mambo outside him.

From its jump to the regional league, the club has continued growing and evolving, at the moment, the equipment counts on an ideal mixture of new blood and numerous veterans so that the result is a perfectly balanced group as far as push, ambition and experience. In the last seasons the club has been reinforced with the incorporation of numerous players who have come to consolidate the group assuring our continuity. Some of these last incorporations have happened through Youthful the Spanish Selection and, the great majority, has formed in great national equipment - like the French Grammar school or Architecture, English and Argentine.

In the Madrid we are very proud of our way to understand and to enjoy rugby - with the companions, the friendly and for that reason our door always she is in favor open to new players to whom one solely demands love and respect by our sport, the CELEBRATION, absenta and of the beer…

Plague, Carbunco, Rage… Veterinary Aúpa!

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