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Juanan - “There are players whom they try once and they are good, there are players whom they try and in addition they placan, those are better, but there are players who fight the 90 minutes, THOSE ARE the ESSENTIAL ones”
- “Speed x Fuerza=RUGBY”
Echedey - “To win it is an attitude question”
- “It beats like fifteen, thinks like one”
Pony - “Play hard, but play to fair”
- “If you like the animal, it kisses to a player of rugby”
- “Some players of rugby are born strong and healthy sportsmen… but with time usually surpass that disadvantage”
(Not yet the reasons have been clarified by that it has competed with three phrases instead of two)
Ratonne - “… they come to train to lower kilitos, because the fianc2ee said to them that they were fat…”
- “Generally wing is the worse one of the equipment”
Homer - “Beer is food. Play rugby”
- “AT baseball games they PLAY organs, AT RUGBY games we donate them”
Baboon - “15 to fight, 15 to suffer, 15 to advance, 15 to prevail”
- “Rugby: seas of sacrifice, rivers of sweat, drops of blood… and the oceans of glory”
Chucky - “Rugby, a sport of villains played by horsemen”
- “Rugby, helping to bind to the fat people from 1823”
JEA - “Not balls, not game”
- “Rugby, 90% is mentality, the other half is physical”
Ratonne (again) - “It always alerts, always kind, always forwards, but NEVER only”
- “Rudeza, Union, Greatness, Battle (or Drunk), and… VETERINARY”
Luispa - “Before died that without birra”
Probe - “Rugby is life, the rest plows mixes details”
Pepe “ If you play rugby, but is not with Veterinary medicine, these jodido ”
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