Chronicle of the disputed party the 24 of January of 2009
24/01/2009: Veterinary CR 22 - 29 UPM Architecture


Full field equipment, equipment comansi. They are not all that are, but they are all that are. Great size.

French connection. Matthieu, with a disquieting beard of violent mosquetero, percute, while Marmotte supports to him from a prudential distance.

Flying test. A classic one of Lupapa, the plate test.

It wants to be like Beckham. Wonderful snapshot of the effective futbolero but I kick of Obijuan.

Frivolité. French had to be. Nótese the incredulous and hostile gesture between of Deivis.

Melé. Good photo of the forwards on the verge of hitting. Tense gesture, concentrate… the ordinate violence of melé is on the verge of untying.

The day of mostacho. In tribute to mostacho of Gandalf, some veterinary players decided to leave moustache, with unequal results. The Nazi knob of motero of Matthieu and the pornographic moustache of Mendizábal are disputed to the first position. Rum Jeremy follows alive.

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