Chronicle of the disputed party the 29 of November of 2008
29/11/2008: Veterinary CR 41 - 12 CD YII/Cau Channel


Peibels, that it had to remain in the band by a recent scar, captured the following moments of the encounter:

Momia. Poney, with the eyebrow still in treatment process, played something quilted. The combination of helmet, bandage, kneepad and mouthful gives a somewhat disquieting aspect him to which a day was the bachelor of veterinary medicine gold. Good touch, that yes.

Brave Torito. Gastón, of horns. Three uncles to lower to him, are not bad. Rare thing, nobody is taking an axe blow in the nut in this occasion.

Melé. Good profile of melé. Pelucón powerpop of Brown Gonzalo, the tattoo chungo in the JEA forearm, the cucumber of the Poney showing juguetón, the stultified gesture (Quiaaaaa) of third of the Channel…

Butterflies in the vísceras. It is a pleasure to see the Tato, with pañoleta manna, of return to the turf. Rugby always gives back to you what him DAS, Tatini!

Hairy hand. Luispa, of return after its unfortunate podal injury, was powerful and tried three times. In the photo, on the verge of giving it happens after to have been plating. Nótese how it slightly takes the tipped helmet, with its typical air of dandy.

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