Chronicle of the disputed party the 22 of November of 2008
22/11/2008: Veterinary CR 17 - 34 Complutensian CR Cisneros


The uncertainty of the average ones prevents to show worthy photographies us of the event, but half a loaf is better than none:

Circle of confidence. The equipment warms up shoulders before the party. It is necessary to leave hot and to prevent injuries! Matthieu, nevertheless, defies the authority, contracted of pride gabacha.

Ruck, that great stranger. This photo is a great study of diverse attitudes before ruck. Homer arrives first, and enters of horns. Rorri roams it clears and it, without being decided. The Baboon arrives a little behind schedule, but sensitized. Rorro and the Tato retozan, a second behind pilier.

Subhuman Touche. The authentic hook of this photo is not the famous compression of huevotes of Homer, but the subhuman gesture of JEA. Something is happening to him to this boy…

Freaks. The JEA gesture is standardized (relatively), probably to compensate by the gastrointestinal face of Hom. It will be that the compression of huevotes passes invoice to him?

Calvary. The corridor after a defeat is hard, but aid to change the third more or less….

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