Chronicle of the disputed party the 15 of November of 2008
15/11/2008: Industrial AD 35 - 7 Veterinary CR


Homer, doliente in the band by a binocular adorned with sticking plasters of colors and supposed Ninja stars, gives the following snapshots to us.:

Combined Placaje. A basic concept of the facundiana theory, put into play by the advantage and the three quarters to together.

Gastonizado. The rat, owned by the gastónico spirit, chose to enter of horns before abrir… and the test it was frustrated. Again it will be!

Beautiful. JEA tries to throw from the field to the rival, with a gesture mixture of botoxizado Stallone, Russell Crowe to top of drogaína and just a little bit of Muchachada Nui

Official Smuggling. And we followed of extreme faces. The one of Pepe, trying to stop a sent rival, everything a poem.

King of warp. In spite of a rezumante eyebrow, that was to be lubricated, Tony used of its powers to move by the space and the time and was omnipresent. In the photo, knocking down to a rival.

Errol Flynn Guillermo Pizarro kicks and exhibits its pornographic bigotito.

Bollito. No malea face with the style of the one of Rorro.

Eau de Sobac. The poney inhales with satisfaction the axillary effluvia of the rival, while it tenderly caresses the expensive intern of his arm. Rugby is passion.

Old woman glories. We did not talk about Tony, nor to Deivis, in the heat of forms, but to the glúteos of Chucky. It jumps at sight that the diet has decreased its exuberance of long ago.

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