Chronicle of the disputed party the 8 of November of 2008
08/11/2008: Veterinary CR 24 - 26 CD Hercesa


Although Architecture played before Veterinary and the Canalillo - ours admired musa of the party previous, and simultaneously rival it walked that way, in this Homer occasion it was to the controls of his camera, and it gives these jewels to us. “My objective is greater than his”, made notice he with pride:

Huchaka. Picture of melé veterinary. Nothing new under the sun, except for attractive canalillo gluteano (also call “Moneybox”) of Mendizábal, partner reconverted flaming forward edge.

Aldanondo. Emulating to Aldanondo, Gas veterinarian long ago (and sworn enemy of oral sex) curra goes baroque and extreme.

Baboon the destroyer. Nothing is comparable to the push of forward edge. Although it is very only seen when veterinary pilier…

Vodevil. If somebody understands the nature of the interchange between Rorro and the smiling rival, who explains it to me. I would venture an embarrassing dialog, of the hair of “Certainly you to me have not touched colita, majete” 'That no, that no, really that no!

Walking on to air. Ovi Juan is sent looking for the flying placaje in extremis; it does not seem that it went to obtain it, unless… Enigma

Percutir. Pepe hits and keeps the ball. Thus he is made, lads. It is not necessary to jeopardize nor to give the oval one.

In all the nut. Because if no, Gastón nonserious Gastón.

Dynamic moneybox. Mendizábal loads… if behind it gives fear, ahead, also. Aupa!

It looks for the differences. Making Gallic of a worthy stoicism of Chuck Norris most imperturbable, Toni ate a treacherous blow on the head that abrió the eyebrow to him. It did not blink. It did not cry. It only said “Codfish, eh, lads”. Just like it was saying in the first photo, by the way.

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