Chronicle of the disputed party the 25 of October of 2008
25/10/2008: UPM Architecture 44 - 15 CR Veterinary


We count on a nontie collaboration to veterinary medicine for the elaboration of snapshots of the party,
we will talk about her, respectfully, as “canalillo” and must have some relation with Architecture:

Hug of the bear. Little forceful Placaje so Deivis accustoms. I imagine that the rival would finish in the equal ground, but that neither is shock nor is ná… (© Canalillo)

Koala. Following with the gallant placajes, Miguel, recent university signing, one rises pony of the rival, it knocks down and it. Pebbles, of natural envious, is wanted to unite. (© Canalillo)

Half sinister. The rat abre the ball, with face of sickly gunman and a butt in the lips. (© Canalillo)

Melé. The fornidas backs of the first veterinary medicine, portrayed from a beautiful perspective (© Canalillo)

Dynamic. The rat, putting for the camera in athletic attitude. (© Canalillo)

Public dance. The poney curra a Very small one of the Road: Échale trigorr, that water already tienerrr! (© Canalillo)

Biting the dust. Luispa, postrado. (© Canalillo)

Photo of equipment. The lads

Spirit of rugby. Hermanados by the trusteeship of Gandalf and the love to this beautiful sport ours, both rival puts for the camera.

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