Chronicle of the disputed party the 18 of October of 2008
18/10/2008: Veterinary CR 30 - 10 Tasman Rugby Boadilla


Captured photos of the party artistic by See, faithful and loving wife in the absence of the travelling president of Veterinary medicine. Acid commentaries of the viperine language of Chuck, delegate on the way to return to the turf:

Circle of confidence. Advice, commentaries, harangues… The water carrier of wide backs contemplates the scene, with enigmatic gesture.

Great placadores. The Rat arms the shoulder and Gastón is rushed like a brown bear.

Flying Placaje. The rival tour like hulahop around a Nicolait stoic.

Driven crazy Melé. Was really one melé? It was being turned? But the authentic question is… to whom the stretched morrito of the captain remembers?

He returns the man. The Baboon re-makes debut, with great success of critic and public (and pantorrillas apparently shaved)

Corridor. A deserved victory, against a Boadilla less complicated than the past season.

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