Chronicle of the disputed party the 16 of February of 2008
16/02/2008: Veterinary CR 24 - 21 Industrial Engineer AD

It is possible to emphasize the attendance of the “Lehendakari” Aguirregabiria, accompanied well by a mythical player by rugby Spanish, “the Wooden plug”. Also they were some spouses of players: Bea and Jezabel with its infantry; other “headed” veterinary tullidos by Juanjo: Obi-Juan, Nico, Kiko (that announcement its new and promising race like actor of classic theater) and Gas (wheelchair including).

CHRONICLE (by Gas, from its sillita…)
The party had a flashing beginning and thus, in the two first plays, Industrialists were able to almost write down two tests without opposition on the part of the green ones. Again a beginning with classic caraja veterinary, although the reaction was not made hope and in the first play in which there was possession controlled of the oval one, the first veterinary center broke the opposite line of three quarters and was able to write down the first test of the Faculty (7 - 14, after the transformation of Guillermo).

From here and until the end of the party, everything consisted of a monolog of the green equipment, since the ball possession was constant and it gambled most of the time in the zone of 22 of the industrial equipment. Only the errors at the hand or the useless blows of punishment prevented that the superiority was transformed into points.

Before finishing the first part, finally another good ball protected by the green forwards allowed to unfold its game to the line with clarity, obtaining in the first test of Alex like veterninario, that could not be transformed (12 - 14). The end of first half would come after another collective failure of placaje of the veterinary equipment, that caused the test and the tranformación of the industrialists (12 - 21).

It was arrived at the rest with too much punishment for the game realized by the equipment of the Faculty. The defense not habia be good only in isolated plays, but all ended tests. In addition, in spite of playing in the 22 opposite, small failures prevented to obtain the yield of the points.

In the second part it improved the green defense, avoiding new tests, but the errors persisted in attack, although finally the veterinary reaction arrived, just in time. Veteranía of Vitocho noticed, that was gotten up to at this moment crucial party.

The reaction began with a collective play of the veterinary forwards who were able to reach the line of test, putting Homer, one of the outstanding of the party, the oval one (19-21). The equipment never lowered the arms and although the time was extinguished while the Industrialists defended themselves with order, did not lose the patience. With time fulfilled, the advantage robbed a ball in the zone of 22 of the Industrialists, the means melé and captain (Pony) abría for the zaguero (Luispa) that, in one of his well-known races it broke to all the rivals and it obtained the test… IN IT COMPLETES PLAY OF THE PARTY (24 - 21)!

Plague, Carbunco and ABOVE VETERINARY Rabia …

Euphoria between the spectators by the victory in extremis.


Photos of the party realized Juanjo, ex--pilier friend of the university section, also known like Mendizábal by its capacity to amortize its quota of partner:

Marmotte. Alex, the most recent member of the French-speaker ghetto, makes debut with test including.

Third. Deivis, Hom and Vitocho are congratulated. They know that the third line is the one that dunks more of all the advantage.

Corridor. Distilled rugbística chivalry. For that reason we played this.

Ironside. Gastón puts for the cameras. Their pose of modoso and its sweater viejuno do not demonstrate their crazy desire to return to the turf.

The trenesito. The poney affirms its dominion on the advantage like a primate more: by rectal route.

Maul. The veterinary advantage pushes towards the zone of opposite mark. The bollito annuls to the rival with its roughshod glance.

Beautiful and the beast. Slim gabacho load while a robust rival tries to interpose in his way.

Bad melé. All cannot come out well, and in this the forwards bend like a cheap hanger.

Test. The prodigies of the tántrico mustélido one continue. We hope that he does not end up exploding.

To ruck. The three lines of the veterinary advantage are sent to fight by the possession, while Homer chews tobacco.

Good dot. It seems that toches is improving.

With a pair. Vitocho, the American gladiator, plate with a certain simiesco gesture.

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