Chronicle of the disputed party the 2 of February of 2008
26/01/2008: CR Three Songs 24 - Veterinary CR 12


The delegate-photographer returns to make of his in the photos and the feet from photo:

That way resopla. After a pair of parties somewhat missing person, Deivis resurges.

Kung fu. Pebbles, more intimidated than ever, fights copper like a teacher shao-lin.

Zenithal perspective. A photographic experiment allows us to appreciate better the distribution of the play.

Mustélidos mysteries. How it is that the Rat is lost still not even no a language small piece?

Blandito Maul. The veterinary advantage is grouped from Deivis, but without too much conviction.

Mustélidos mysteries 2. Which is the secret of the surprising vitality of the Rat lately? The bad languages speak of recycled sexual energy.

Melé. Good positioning.

It returns the bollito. Now, with cream extra.

Kick to follow. A little forced.

The ice man. Homer rises in touch, with more face of poker than the fat person of Minnessotta. Hans, of Three Songs, with more belly than Bud Spencer.

Tony jumps. And it gives a glorious plane to us of his franciscan tonsura.

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