Chronicle of the disputed party the 26 of January of 2008
26/01/2008: Veterinary CR 14 - 22 Sarrión Rugby Toledo

It was a fresh and sunny day, with a nourished attendance of players. During the previous week many calculations had become about where it could place the victory to us against Toledo, and the party confronted with optimistic spirit.

Nevertheless, after pitido initial, the first minutes showed a Veterinary medicine groggy, incapable to conserve the possession, and that almost fitted a pair of tests without realizing. Although after that pair of initial mazazos the equipment recovered slightly, the tonic of the party did not vary too much: Toledo presented/displayed a solid equipment, that dominated in advantage and ended with the three quarters. Veterinary medicine, meanwhile, was incapable to plant expensive in no facet of the game. There were some sparkles of quality (special mention for the Rat, being released after a period of injury but in a state of excellent form, and with the put good head in the party), but were few and isolated. In defense, the placajes shone by their absence.

With an advantage incapable to obtain the ball, and a line that when did not know what to do with him it arrived to him at the hands, the first time passed laboriously for the green ones, until reaching a result from 0-22. Nevertheless, the pieces little by little began to fit, and shortly before the end of the first part, the first test, transformed by Obi-Juan arrived, for a hopeful one 7-22. This it would be the moment of flection of the party: resumed the game in the second part, Veterinary medicine began to create: touches followed without leaving, but the ball left controlled rucks and mauls more, and the line began to connect, according to its components was ignited like light bulbs: Luispa began to break from the rear, Matthieu, Juan and Nico to look for the hollows, Guille to make holes… the Rat followed inspired on the lookout and. Toledo, on the contrary, began to see the ears him the wolf, and to withdraw and the possession.

This change of game and mentality, nevertheless, arrived behind schedule, and it was not sufficient. Another transformed test placed in the marker 14-22 which the encounter would end.

As a reflection, it does not stop being surprising that Veterinary threw so opposite images in two consecutive days: against Boadilla, an admirable beginning and a depressing end and requesting the hour; against Toledo, a soft beginning and without ideas, and one second half creating game and giving fear. We hope to be able to condense the best thing of the two days in a unique equipment…

Plague, Carbunco and ABOVE VETERINARY Rabia …


The diabolic doll has taken liking to him to the telephoto lens and, besides the chronicle, it gives the following snapshots to us:

The means. Guille abre the received ball of Poney, that troitiña to get up itself; Gandalf observes from the heights.

Rasputín. A life of excesses and self-satisfaction begins to pass invoice to him to Lismi, that in the photo is prepared to jump touche.

Bollito. The young stuffed talonador of cream attacks. Its face, marked by the tacos of a companion, strangely is swellen up.

Professional. Demonstration of placadora technique on the part of Nicolait. Fierce (and congested) the Vitocho approaches to end on the contrary.

Like in the old woman times. Pepe does what better he knows to do.

Man of the match. Ratovnik, splendid maturity.

Body slam. One of the brother sacamantecas puts a trip to him to Lismi after losing touch. Homer, meanwhile, enjoys.

Cramming down. Nico receives hand-off that on approval puts the elasticity of its sonrosadas factions, disfiguring them and turning into a luck of trasgo viejuno to him.

Up and to under. The face repertoire of Luispa does not have limit.

Advantage to the attack. Lismi, Hom and Pepe attack, directed by the Poney.

Plating. Obi-Juan receives a placaje. Agile the three quarters finished injured the party.

Passion. Before the reproachful glance of an actor of the chanante hour, Deivis and a rival get ready to intercamniar saliva.

Protecting to the weak one. Homer tries to avoid that a rival player assassinates to the referee by his ominous arbitration.

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