Chronicle of the disputed party the 12 of January of 2007
12/01/2008: Veterinary CR 28 - 26 CR Boadilla

The party seemed a easy proceeding for the veterinarians in the beginning, playing with clarity to the hand and without hardly complications. So it was so they secured two tests under woods nothing else to begin the encounter (14-0). The second in a precious play initiated with a serve of lateral from the line of 22 and culminating with the oval one in the zaguero.

The following test, under woods also facilitating the transformation, was written down by Kempoi, that is released as front anotador in the regular league (21-0).

The game was developed of form ordinate and although some failure of placaje brought about the breakage the green defense, was solved with a good intervention of the last veterinary curtain. With fluidity the fourth transformed test arrived (28-0).

Everything seemed to augur behind schedule of glory for the Veterinary CR, but the fatigue and the lack of persistence caused that the game became turbid more and more according to advanced the encounter; the success in the game at the hand was lost and the set of Boadilla pressed with more zeal as much to forwards as to three quarters, causing errors that took at moments of hardship for the green ones and finally to grant two tests, one of them transformed, before the rest (28-12).

Veterinary medicine looked for, after the rest, to return to the dynamic game and cheers, “ rugby champagne ” French del that the veterinarians made be born “ rugby will pacharán ” but the tonic of the forty last minutes was the same of the end of the first part: disorder in the extreme, lack of control in melés and the open game generally … was realized changes in the advantage to give back the freshness and to gain balls for the line of three quarters, but the game did not vary and the Boadilla returned to write down another test near woods after an intense and death fight in the zone of 22 (28-19).

Not marker altered until half of second time, where after another veterinary error in the placaje, XV de the Boadilla returned to transform a test under woods that the result would put in the marker (28-26), in the end definitive.

However, with an advantage of two points and for want of ten minutes for the conclusion, the Veterinary CR hard looked for the test of the tranquility, but without obtaining it. Lamentably, in the attempt, the unfortunate breakage of peroné of the first center took place, Gastón. The equipment of Boadilla failed two blows of punishment that had been able to give the victory them and the tension by the result stayed until the last moments, along with the cramps and the fatigue by the lack of game rate after parón Christmas.

Plague, Carbunco and ABOVE VETERINARY Rabia …

When finalizing the party, in traditional the third time, both equipment mutually shared a barrel of beer in the same facilities of the Sport Park Iron Door, thanking for itself to have participated in so disputed party. It is about to see if the beer will cure the pains…


The delegate-photographer returns to make of his in the photos and the feet from photo:

Quarrel After exasperating badly the game of the second part, Felipe put the points on the is. Everybody received its ration of bitter medicine (except Homer, raised like player of the party by Gándalf). In the photo, the poney skillfully fuses the face of poker and the one of dog pachón.

200% Meriva a new example of the ample catalog of gestures technical (and face) of Luispa. In this case, a flashing change of direction is accompanied of rictus decidedly Stalloniano.

Pedorreta of the death. Another one of the photogenic shocks of Deivis.

Combined Placaje. The combined effort of Homer and Deivis revolutionizes rustic melena of a player of Boadilla.

Flying Placaje. While Gastón postra before the rival, Guille demonstrates that its placador fame as well is deserved.

The power of a logo. Belushi loads determined, supported by Homer and Guillermo. In its chests refulge the logo of our sponsoring Quarto, inspiring to them for more and majors deeds.

Low heads. After a new test against, the veterinary spirit dissuades itself, like escroto of a kangaroo peleón.

Percussion. Pachi, full the second line, percute owned of the fervor of an authentic forward.

Lateral serve of lost. Is perhaps this touch missed the cause of the gesture convulso of Homer…?

Lateral serve of correct. This other snapshot demonstrates to us that not: the bordering gesture of Homer is totally independent of the functionality of touch. We will continue informing.

Gassy. Gastón looking for the hollow and seeding of uncertainty the rival. We hope that one recovers soon of his injury.

The best thing of the party. Precious play of Luispa and Matthieu, that leant and redoubled throughout average field, until culminating in a commendable test.

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