Chronicle of the disputed party the 15 of December of 2007
15/12/2007: Veterinary CR - Legends Veterinarians


Images for the memory, yesterday, the reunited today and the morning. Photos taken by Juanan (cojitranco of conga of Alstom) and feet of photo courtesy of Manuel “Chucky” Aguirre:

Duel of Zagueros. The nailed hand of Nicolait defies the hegemony of the hairy hand.

Means connection. The ball, following a somewhat oblong trajectory, leaves the group.

Gastón absorbing. During the Greenday, they return the classic ones.

Maul. Veterinary medicine pushes and the Legends nails.

Apocalypse. A Deivis something reventón curra a kick against the zone of test of the Legends. Only I already need to mount in globe it to have seen everything.

Huevotes. Hom falls protecting the ball and Pepe arrives raudo at the support, while Rorro stammers.

Chini. Another kicker of exception.

Chustas. Advancing like torete, with hung Cutuli.

Legends. Splendid (and reprieta) maturity.

Threat “old school”. The Georges, fellow worker of the eaglet, was united to the Legends and contributed a dose of contoneante style.

Alliance of civilizations. The Georges and Jean Bernard by France, Chivero by Ganímedes. There he is nothing.

Test. Raid by horseback of Kempoi that bores the defense of the Legends.

Conclave. Guille and Gandalf the Target interchange training strategies.

Agárralo. Gonzalo and Gassy try to restrain the impetus of the Georges. Meanwhile, to the right, Camilo gasps like a dying fish for food.

Crash. Deivis restrains in dry to Obelix, and the universe shakes. Yago contemplates the scene tenderly.

Strangler of Boston. Calama, sultán of the taxi, robs the life to him to Obelix slowly. Meanwhile, Fede glides as to return to tell to Gastón the history of diamonds.

Nemesis. Cutuli, as dynamic as the first day, flees from the persecution of Jose.

Another dose. The lads made tail to placar to Gandalf…

And another one… Gandalf enjoyed like enando beating to the lads…

The letter, with blood enters. “You have-this-that-abras-the-puto-BALL”

Irony. Gandalf says that Gassy does not pass it… but seeing the amount of placajes that ate, also it had to absorb his…

Combined Placaje of Pebbles and Mathieu. 

Memories from Chucky. The Poney gives a message him to Cutuli.

Freaks. Face of macaco scared of Lupapar, and supreme constipation of Rorro.

Torete 2. Another snapshot of Chustas giving him to the pistons. He has returned strong.

Losing Touch. The Legends pleaded for rugby without agreed medieval caffein and requested touches and melés.

Death of torete. Chustas bites the dust at the hands of Gandalf. You will not happen

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