Chronicle of the disputed party the 2 of December of 2007
02/12/2007: CD Hercesa 23 - 12 CR Veterinary

The fifteen veterinarian told on the unconditional support from the band of the family of Vitocho the complete one, besides Bathes, Felipe, Alex, Ratovnik, Juanjo and Chuky among others.

As a summary that explains because of the veterinary defeat, it is necessary to affirm that the equipment did not work like so, disorderly and it was little motivated, apparently tired and with something of lack of appetite. Melés was never controlled, few serves of lateral were disputed correctly and the advantage, on which it fell the weight of the party, did not have its better day; the line could not compensate it. The game of attack of the Hercesa was based on the power and good work of its advantage, that realized constant phases in the axis and when it abría to his line surprised the veterinarians in out of play.

The party began with a sparkle of chaste veterinary medicine, trying the advantage with maul that advanced many meters (0-5) and that soon was been responsible for another one of Alcala (5-5), taking advantage of in addition the small disagreement to try again (5-10). Melé green flaqueaba and was tried to solve permuting it the pillars but it did not work; finally, Obelix replaced Joaquin to try to oxygenate forward edge.

Second half was developed of similar form, with three tests fruit of the push of the advantages: two for Hercesa and the one for Veterinary medicine, leaving marker in 23 - 12 a favorable one to the Complutensian ones.

Plague, Carbunco and ABOVE VETERINARY Rabia …

It is precise to thank for porrones of beer with which the CD Hercesa flattered the veterinarians, who honored the ritual of the third time during good part of afternoon of Sunday.


The uncertainty of means diminished the amount and quality of the images that we can offer:

Bleeding example. Deivis runs with the ball, with average Hercesa in its heels. And three mataos of Veterinary medicine crawl to the tail…

Bleeding example twice. Tony runs following the kick of Gastón, while the rest is useful to rest…

Compact Touch. Ball, group, sky, woods… one pain that the camera was a chestnut pilonga.

Veterinary Pedigree. The daughters of Vitocho and Belinda (brother of Deivis and one of the founders of the villa of the prawn), making profession of faith.

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