Chronicle of the disputed party the 24 of November of 2007
24/11/2007: Veterinary CR 43 - 26 Complutensian CR Cisneros

Behind schedule it fries as it corresponds at the end of November. Nineteen dispuetos veterinarians to give it everything in the field; in the band, the pregnant and unconditional partner Tere, Chucky, Nico with the last coletazos of its injury of wrist and the partners Jesus and Javi (first of Juanjo).

They began without determination veterinariosy before a rival who rather seemed to be playing rugby seven, securing with its open game three tests in the first minutes of the party, before the stupor of the green ones (0-21).

The harangue of Poni, veterinary captain, seemed to wake up to its players and led back the strategy of the party: it began the advantage to control the ball and was able to transmit it to the line of three quarters so that they were those that they tried.

In this way, the zaguero veteran Luispa, who in this party performed the opening function, was able to write down the five first points, to which Juan added two with his transformation (7-21). The tonic, until the end of the first part, was identical, the verterinaria advantage protecting oval and the three quarters running and trying, thus happened in two occasions more before the rest, leaving the safe even marker by a transformation (19-21).

The static phases were clearly green, especially melé, where veteranía prevailed veterinary. The serves of lateral were more balances.

After the rest the game did not vary: ball fought and protected by the forwards and spectacular races of the three quarters. Soon a test raised the marker more (24-21). Spurred by the overcome one, the Complutensian equipment wanted to return to take the advantage in the marker and with tenacity it put in hardships to the fifteen veterinarian with two serves of lateral death, to five meters of the line of test. Both you send finished equal, with the ball put by a defender or injugable, with corresponding melé to five meters; melé that did not make lack dispute, since one changed by punishment blow, due to the complaints to the referee.

When Veterinary it was able to move away the game of its field, returned to overflow in open, surpassing, already with clarity, to the Cisneros and obtaining three tests more and two transformations (43-21). Special mention deserves one of the tests of the veterinary opening: under woods and straining itself agilely between rival and one of the posts, causing that its trip from Segovia to dispute the party deserved the effort.

The Complutensian ones put the sour cherry to the party with a last test, listed towards the lateral one and that could not transform (43-26).

Plague, carbunco, rage … above VETERINARY!

The third time was celebrated in the pub Finnengans, where the treatment was as exquisite as in the last started off. It goes here from our gratefulness.

The best player was Juan, placador it was Deivis and pifia was a TONGO!


More diabolic than ever, the doll sharpened its aim with the objective and captured the following memorable moments:

Homer the Jumper. Remangado, arm in stop, face to the sun… Homie, in its sauce (and nevertheless, with face of to have eaten a grapefruit in contradirección).

They will not happen. After beginning against with three tests, and being able to overcome them until putting only three points ahead to us, the Cisneros threatened during lengths and tense minutes trying and returning to put itself ahead. But the green ones tightened the backs and resisted.

Man of the party. In spite of that another initial error in the game at the hand, our habitual zaguero took with solution and luster the opening cap. And in the end, until it passed the ball Thanks, Lupapar!

The shout of Munch-acho.  One of the advantages to play in the same equipment that Deivis is… not to have to play in the opposite equipment. In the photo, a little while of terror distillate, when the feeling the breath of the beast in the nape of the neck…

Guillotine. Great party of Jose Manuel, another recent signing: 80 minutes of tension in defense and support in attack. Here, the placaje goes away a little high, that to him yes…

It happens of test. Another great party of Matt. To the image, it fixes, it happens… and it arrives the test.

Break Dance. While Matt runs with the ball, Luispa distracts the rival, and demonstrates that three churumbeles are not obstacle to continue being… the king of the streets

Rookie to the attack. Kempoi lashing the ball and attacks, without complexes.

Where Gastón gives… Gonzalo them, another new veterinary signing takes, them. Hand-off mola less when they endiñan it to you…

Another Great test also divided the one of Obi-Juan, declared the man of match during the third time, before the absence of Luispa.

Serve of center. And Deivis jumps to receive. And it receives…

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