Chronicle of the disputed party the 17 of November of 2007
17/11/2007: Veterinary CR 47 - 0 CR San Isidro

Afternoon it was fries although sunny, but that did not frighten to the veterinary fans, arranged to push its equipment towards the victory. The field, as usually he is habitual in Cantarranas, something embarrado, but not so lasts like in the worse days of winter.

From the beginning of the party, melé veterinary even prevailed in spite of the low outstanding in forward edge. Only there was equality in the minutes of numerical superiority of of San Isidro by some temporary expulsion. In the serves of lateral there was no as much difference and the veterinary errors were resisted by robberies of possession in the opposite serves.

To the few minutes to begin the party Juan, abierto wing of Veterinary medicine, was not able to write down a blow of centered punishment but something remote of the line of 22, although immediately its first test of the party compensated its error writing down after one long gallop that finished under woods and was transformed by Poney (7-0). The dominion continued being green and it was continued playing in field of San Isidro looking for the second test of the party that arrived from the hands, and legs, of Luispa, veterinary zaguero. The test also was transformed (14-0).

It did not change to much the dynamics of the encounter after the test. The veterinarians continued playing with order and criterion, transferring well the ball of the advantage to the line, fighting each possession. In maul joint of the advantage the test arrived from Deivis, just before finishing the first time (21-0).

The second part followed with a clear dominion of veterinary medicine but with problems in melé by numerical inferiority. Gastón, green opening, kicks drained the opposite pressure with acertadísimas that caused problems to the rival; in one of them, it strickles, the zaguero visitor was mistaken when receiving and Rorro, veterinary talonador took control of the ball and attended so that Gastón tried (28-0).

Soon after receiving the serve of center and after forming a good line of three quarters, the oval one quickly arrived until Mattieu, newcomer secondly center, that a starting of power and speed, culminated its race trying under woods (35-0).

In the middle of the second time there was some isolated play that triggered a tangana by which there were temporary expulsions in both equipment. Shortly after, restored the order and the concentration of the veterinarians, Juan returned to try in a play described in the band with “from book ” by “ legends ” of veterinary medicine. The ball circulated quickly of the opening, to the first center, of the first the second that fixed and redoubled creating the superiority so that, finally, the wing culminated (40 -0)].

When everything was already determined, still there was time for a personal play of the veterinary opening that, in the exit of one touch in which the green ones robbed the possession escaped until the line of test by power and speed.

Plague, carbunco and rage … above VETERINARY!

The party finished with fabulous a third time in the Irish pub Finnegans del that all the assistants left contentments by the triumph the rugbera camaraderie and ahítos by the mountain of empanadillas that cooked for us.

The old industrial tradition recovered to choose the best player, less good and the most struck than they were properly flattered by its companions… whoever to know more, than the third time is not lost following.


Rubicundo ex- talona dynamic, perfecting its technique in each session, immortalized the following moments:

Veterinary medicine or the ballet of Moscow? The poney descends from skies like an undulating Nureyev of tupé, Gassy raises the arms as Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing… to where we are going to go to stop. Of the pateador of Sanisi, nor we spoke…

Matt tries. Great party of the recent veterinary signing. The tridente begins to bear fruits.

The end of days. Rorro had a remarkable action (for surprise of Felipe, as it is seen the bottom) channeling with Picardy the superiority in melé and becoming jumbled with dynamism in the attack. Now is to polish those touches aberrant…

Revelation. The effectiveness and speed breaker of Juan, another one of the recent veterinary signings, in the wing, was determining at the time of overflowing to the rival.

A classic one. Armed Maul and progressing, with all the meat in the spit. For want of audio, we cannot hear gimotear to Homer because their zapatitos of charol are stepping on him.

Another one of ballet. But with a certain simiesco touch, courtesy of the supple waist of the hairy lightning.

Beautiful serve of lateral. There were a few partisans and we do not know if this were one of them. But, at least, a good connection between Hom and Rorro is being forged. And calvorotas raises well high…

White Felipe versus Gandalf the targetHe looks for the seven differences.

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