Chronicle of the disputed party the 10 of November of 2007
10/11/2007: Industrial Engineer AD 54 - 10 Veterinary CR

The fifteen of veterinary medicine left to the field with desire to demonstrate his was worth, although something wild and little precise in the game, without concentration. To the few minutes, due to the failures in the placaje, one was against with the marker. The defense of the open game was terrible and was Filo'n who took advantage of the industrialists to add more and more points.

The veterinarians were able to take the game to opposite field and near the 22 zone of opposite, but without coming near to the line of mark and paying the price of a test by each lost ball in the attempt to try.

In the second part, the green ones made use of the anger, improved in the serves of lateral and melé, but even so it was not able itself to transform the dominion into points.

To fifteen minutes of the end, in one elaborated played in which the advantage participated as much as the line and that began in one melé to five meters, the veterinarians they obtained, finally, the prize of the test. The industrialists with another test responded and, finally, Veterinary medicine put oval after the line of mark in a play of advantage, total of anger and the faith in the test, to conclude the party.

The green ones were able to improve the level of their game with respect to previous parties, but superior was insufficient before a rival.

Plague, carbunco and rage … above VETERINARY!

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