Chronicle of the disputed party the 27 of October of 2007
27/10/2007: Veterinary CR 7 - 38 CR Three Songs


Long ago rubicundo and dynamic veterinary talonador (a.k.a. Chucky) took the following snapshots:

Talk to my hand v3.0.  Sometimes we asked ourselves if hand-off the Gastón is means to secure an aim, or an aim in itself…

Fierce Touch. Pepe continues remembering Michael J. brutal and antediluvian Fox…, but puritito McFly…

Combined Placaje. Attention to the foreshortenings of Jose and the Spock of Three Songs, worthy of a picture of Gericault

Death Touch. And a little borderline…

Rat of the match. The rat on the verge of trying. Great party the one of the mustélido one.

Combined Placaje II. Although Gastón in plan something remolón.

Maul. The veterinary advantage pushing like a single man.

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