Chronicle of the disputed party the 20 of October of 2007
20/10/2007: Sarrión Rugby Toledo 20 - 15 CR Veterinary

In spite of the clogging to leave Madrid, that produced problems of coordination in expedicón to Toledo, it was arrived in good time to prepare the party. The noon turned out something warm to play rugby, but it was suitable for the unconditional ones that supported to us from the band: Chucky, Balta, Felipe, Homer, the family Palaces to complete, the friendly ones of Mateo, the head of household of the Espinosas of the Hunters and the injured ones, Guille, Juanan and Juanjo (of Cisneros).

In the first part a embarullado game was developed somewhat, fruit of the precipitation to try to decide the party. The veterinarians went ahead in the marker thanks to the transformation of a trim blow of punishment on the part of the veterinary captain (0-3). In the game of melé there was balance and in the serve of lateral, the green ones were able to rob some possession.

Half-full the first part, the veterinarians went ahead again thanks to Gastón, that brought about the confusion of the toledanos when removing quickly a blow from punishment in the opposite line of ten meters, being useful to try next to the flag, although the test could not be transformed (0-8).

The toledana advantage did not take then the initiative, realizing continuous attack phases until, in the last play of the first part, it very secured a listed test towards the lateral one, not being able to transform it either (5-8).

The Veterinary CR left in the second part with the intention to make quickly circulate the oval one towards the line of the three quarters, to avoid the strong defense of the toledana advantage. Aitor replaced in the means position melé to Vitocho, that was placed as third line and Cat happened to play of open wing.

The team of Toledo continued insisting on the game of advantage, supported by its superiority in melé, while the veterinarians were used in the defense, although with some errors in the reception of the opposite kicks. Fruit of this dynamic one came a test from the ninepin and a transformation of punishment blow, which advanced to them in the marker (13-8).

The green ones continued fighting convinced of being able to overcome the marker and they were not afraid before the turbid game that realized the toledanos in rucks, causing several tanganas; in a confusion, one of the players ninepin one got away of the veterinary defense by speed and was able to try under woods, with the consequent transformation (20-8).

Veterinary medicine did not occur by won and little later it was able to thread a counterattack thanks to Gastón, Txustas and Luispa that was cut by a slowed down placaje to the veterinary wing causing new rifirrafe. The referee sanctioned the play with a test of punishment transformed by the veterinary captain (20-15). In spite of the veterinary persistence to again reach the test and the defensive oppression of the ninepin that only responded draining balls, the marker was not altered.

The Sarrión Rugby Toledo flattered to the veterinarians with excellent a third time, with the exquisite treatment that usually is habitual in them and whom any visit to its club turns into a pleasure.


Relegated to the band by its injury, Juanan took the following snapshots:

Reception of kick. Vitocho did not defraud in its re-debut, but the aerodynamics is not its fort.

Serve of lateral. Strange touch scattered. Nor we gained therefore them.

Tangana. Testosterone and hair in chest.

Blow to favor. JEA scatters their by arbitration teaching.

Exit of ruck. The veterinary counterattack deed.

Entrance to melé. Forward edge with official debut in league of David Martin, AKA Belushi.

Placaje. The poney lubricating the collarbone.

Ruck. The image strangely remembers the photo of the banderileros of Iwo-Jima.

Melé. Veterinary medicine must work melé. Of whom it is that ass that shows by above?

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