Chronicle of the disputed party the 18 of March of 2007
18/03/2007: Industrial CR the Clearing 20 - 55 Veterinary CR

It agrees to begin realizing a special mention for the Ratone that, after four months without playing, returned a field from rugby and tried. Pity that the celebration of Saint Patrick the previous night put stones to him in the pockets (perhaps something of liquid also) and could not culminate one of its “robberies and race”, that gave rise to their nickname, with a tuna test. We recover its textual words after its on the point of passing out after a great race: “it is not possible to be returned to play after 4 months without doing nothing.”. It seems that one forgot to him to mention his uncle “Jameson” and its uncle “Beamish”. We hope that the lad at least has increased its already mythical chorba-agenda…

A great party in the Cantizal was present at, where it was clear that in the encounter of going against this third team of Industrialists, yesterday summoned extraordinary reinforcements to face Veterinary medicine, “a simple equipment of second without aspirations”, as it was possible to be listened yesterday between I publish industrialist, who faced “people who have played in honor division”.

Nevertheless, Sunday could be seen the true team of Industrialists C, who being able to gain our admiration “to have an average of age near the 40”, according to its public, (statistics is science that says this, that is to say, that some tenian 60 and other 20 .....) and to continue playing rugby, gained our scorn by its tendency to the verbal threat, its violence, in the majority of the totally out of place cases, and even by the attempts of provocation of its public to the veterinary players in the band: the respect to the values of the Rugby is most important in any party, is over the victory or of the defeat. Luckyly, the referee assigned to the encounter (Gonzalo Knows) knew to maintain the control of the party, without letting itself intimidate by the attitude of some players.

The Veterinary CR was very as much physical superior as technically and dominated to all the facets of the game, excepting some isolate errors. In some phase of the party one complied to the slow and little advisable rate of the rival, besides responding to the provocations and participating in some tangana caused by the disloyal behavior of the industrialists, who looked for therefore an alternative their evil game. It is possible to emphasize the excellent concentration and it gives of all the players throughout the party.

In the party I can be present at the resurreción of antaña excellent connection between Gas and Luispa to the purest Industrial style Cantarranas of for 10 years? (the veterinarians are not so viejunos but something has played…).

The advantage carried out a great work, with touched Joaquin from the beginning, Deivis sacrificed like first, Jea connecting with Homer, the Puppy holding the type, Jack Bauer imposing its 130 kilos in mele and placando, the Pony captain kicking with cold blood, Rorri and Patxi giving themselves in each send…

The three quarters shone especially, realizing magnificent plays of line, abriendo quickly the oval one, we back saw the strides of Benito (that finally could sing), Nico giving security, and Pabels reconverted alilla running…

Thanks for the victory

P.D: Greetings to Chelito in the antipodals.

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