Chronicle of the disputed party the 3 of February of 2007
03/02/2007: Veterinary CR 24 - 24 CR Majadahonda

The veterinarians began off-center, with a quite bad game, without control of the possession of the oval one, giving the initiative to Majadahonda that did not doubt in removing benefit from the disorder, going ahead in the marker.

To ten minutes of the end of the first part, Veterinary medicine woke up and shortened distances in the marker, thanks to the control in the serves of lateral and to the subsequent push of the advantage, that allowed to control the oval one and to play it suitably.

Second half had green and black color, the veterinarians recovered its habitual claw, that together with the concentration and seriousness, them permitio to tie the result; for want of ten minutes they even had several occasions to try, when transferring the game to the zone of 22 opposite. Finally, the tie by the failure stayed in I in the last kick of a distant blow of punishment on the part of Majadahonda seconds of the party.

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