Chronicle of the disputed party the 1 of April of 2006
Veterinary CR 15 - 69 CR Getafe




After one it releases absence, returns the Homer, the official photographer, that man. And with him it returns the supreme quality. You enjoy:

Test of Obélix. When a veterinary gordito tries, the Boy Jesus laughs in the sky…

He throws. The young canary cantautor confronts its fears and it takes hold itself what lapa of the Marianas to gordazo of Getafe. Obélix makes use.

Deivis plate. The camera of Homer has captured a magical moment. One tenth of second later, these two morlacos will fall on the ground with great roar, but here, they seem to float to a handspan of the turf. Splendid placaje of Deivis, as he is habitual.

Guiputxi RIP. Death Touch, with driven crazy jump of Lismi including. Chelo stretches like a rubber, but it seems that it remains in the way. And Deivis with cotton in naso, to vary.

TTMH classic Image of Guille, “forzuda Hand”, separating to the poor devils who cross themselves in their way.

Balls. Without words. Homer, this one is of .Pulitzer. Or worthy to leave in the National Geographic, at least…

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