Chronicle of the disputed party the 12 of March of 2006
Veterinary CR 39 - 12 CR Three Songs

The last party of the phase of reduction for the Veterinary CR was disputed, where, not only it was in combat the victory, but the difference of points that could mean several positions in the classification. In spite of being Sunday and to be a field moved away enough of Madrid (Alcala de Henares), the hour, not so early and the excellent climate, favored the attendance of spectators. The state of the game land, nevertheless, let enough wish: little turf, hard floor and stone multitude.

The availability of players (eighteen) was acceptable, although its inclusion in the act would have been increased if Chema had not arrived behind schedule because of a misunderstanding, preventing. In the band, Father, Vanesa, Tere, Marta, Franan and Juanan enjoyed itself the presence of Rorri and Tato (convalescent), Bea and Lola, Gastón, to whom we are thankful for all their support, reviewing the Eaglet, that offered itself to transfer to Jose to the hospital.

Mentality and concentration veterinary seemed suitable for importance of shock, since the party began with an excellent serve of center realized by the Gastón opening, that just hurled on the brink of madness the line of 22 opposite and in the consequent serve of lateral, Lismi robbed the oval one and the advantage formed maul that it pushed more than twenty-five meters until securing the test of hands of Obélix. A minute had not passed nor and Veterinary medicine went ahead in the marker (5-0).

This excellent beginning, far from to motivate the players to increase the rent, sank to them in a phase apathetic and filled with incomprehensible errors, as much of line as of advantage. The balls fell of their hands, did not gain rucks, committed infractions for want of positioning, etc…, the serves of lateral and some only got rid of the illegal general melés.

All these errors favored the dominion of the ball on the part of the tricantinos, that transferred the game to the twenty-two zone of veterinary medicine and began to be believed able to overcome the party. During this phase, who knows if by the generalized laziness of its equipment or by bad fortune, Jose, veterinary wing, were plating almost in unemployed and when striking itself with the ground, the collarbone fractured, being replaced immediately by Nicholas.

Fruit of the unacceptable attitude in the field of the veterinary equipment, arrived the first test from Three Songs. They removed a blow to forty meters from the line of mark playing it the hand with its talonador. Practically all the veterinary advantage and leaves from the line, sunk in the confusion, not even watched the play. The player of Three Songs kicked over the dark-green defense that, in unworthy dominguera attitude of players of rugby, did not dispute the ball, ran twenty meters, captured its own kick and continued the race until trying without nobody tried to interpose in its way (5-5).

Without doubt, one is the test more humiliating than the Veterinary CR has received in all the season, by the non-compressible lack of appetite of the equipment. In other many parties, a test against has spurred the veterinary reaction and has changed the course of the party, but frankly, today it was not the day. The punishment by the demonstrated apathy extended during many more minutes, profiteers by Three Songs to obtain a new test and its corresponding transformation, being placed a 5-12 in the marker.

Finally, something began to change in the Veterinary CR, the advantage continued moving slowly and it was little participating, but the line seemed to leave to the aim of its lethargy and began to infect to the rest of the equipment, that increased its commitment with the development of the game, being recovered the aggressiveness to gain meters in the dynamic phases, the serves of lateral, etc… After maul pushed during twenty meters, it was arrived five meters from the line of mark, the oval one was abrió to the line and it was transmitted until Guille, plenary session of power and speed, broke through the defense tribar and tried closely together of woods. Its success in the definition just located the tie in the marker (12-12) before the rest.

Taking advantage of the interval, the Veterinary CR tried to clarify their ideas to obtain that all the players realized an extra effort that led back the party and it allowed them to obtain a result in agreement with his expectations. Joaquin replaced the Puppy, that did not have the body like holding more minutes, as it was deduced of his death rattles in the final minutes of the first part (it is only possible to wish that a woman aside soon of the interminable Madrilenian nights).

When starting again itself the party, confirmed the veterinary improvement of the end of first half. The equipment was more dynamic, it went to the support and it recovered balls playing them with more clarity and great speed. Finally, the forwards asked for the oval one and percutían the opposite defense vertically, standing out Obélix, Pachi and Chuky. Pony, veterinary means of melé, began abrir very fast balls towards the line, that took advantage of hollows in the defense tribar to penetrate with relative facility, being obtained excellent plays to the hand and very deep kicks that transferred the game to opposite field.

As it were possible to hope, fruit of the combined pressure of line and advantage, the veterinary tests did not take in arriving: Rattone, obtained one of its habitual tests plenary sessions of cleverness, rapidity and gives; Nicholas was released with the dark-green t-shirt when putting the oval one after a deep kick of the Gastón opening behind Three Songs, in which he surprised with his speed and he drags to the defense tribar; Gastón delighted to the veterinary public with a pair of gallops avoiding and separating opposite until culminating with individual tests.

The package of veterinary forwards did not have too many options to try, since the line practically was infallible, nevertheless, in one of the few options which it had, formed a solid maul and it pushed until the line of mark, where Jea put the oval one without opposition, obtaining a test that Pony transformed.

In the middle of this vortex of tests it was replaced Rattone by It throws when they were about twenty minutes and for want of ten, Chuky, the indescribable and dynamic veterinary talonador, hurt the knee and it had to leave the field, being the veterinarians with fourteen players until the end. Taking advantage of that advantage, Three Songs redoubled their attacks to try to trim the difference in the marker, but they were opposite with the iron defense of Eche and LuisPa, that situations saved very it jeopardize and avoided some sung test. Final rough estimate: 39-12.

As a conclusion, it would turn out advisable that the Veterinary CR looked for the causes of their null motivation during the first part, to try to avoid them and to prevent that this situation is repeated more ahead.

Before concluding, we would like to as much wish the quick recovery and return to the land of game of Jose as of Chucky, that could not finish the party by injury.

Like finishing touch to the phase of reduction, and with the conviction of which they will be leaders of this group, the veterinarians enjoyed magnificent a third time, in which he got up himself, through prescribed baptism, to two of the new players who have entered in the east equipment year. Welcomes are Pachi and Nicholas.


Due to the new absence of Homer (dissident! dissident), Rorri, the truck driver of Winnipeg, had to tie the males and to replace the official photographer. The condemned did not go bad, not…

Pheromones in the band. Rorri retoza with Bathes, Tere and Marta. To the bottom, uncles of green do tai-chi.

He happens of friend. Perhaps had the punishment undergone by manoPlas of the Ponette, he happens of means to means seems to follow a trajectory somewhat low. It is necessary to improve that connection…

Ruck. Good ruck of veterinary medicine, at which JEA arrives powerful, but with gesture of bonobo in fervor.

Another one ruck. We do not like to repeat to us, but the sad stamp of Chuck, Jea and the Puppy (that had still not begun to toser egagrópilas, but already promised to be) is worth well it…

Héeeercules! When the poney sticks a small jump when receiving the ball, it is that it get ready to galopar…

Gastón. The Fatty in one of its gallops during the party

The sky is the limit. The transgressor art of Rorri teaches the aggressive alive resistance to us between blue in the sky and the green shock of titanes in the Earth (tontín that lay down to the Baboon still raises must be licking the backs).

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