Chronicle of the disputed party the 5 of March of 2006
Veterinary CR 29 - 15 Channel

As in any phase of reduction all the parties of in case are fought and transcendental, but, in this case, it added to the ingredient of the rivalry and the desire of veterinary revenge, due to the defeat suffered by very little margin in the regular phase.

The day was cold, the clouds even unloaded a fine water snow at some time of the party, but the state of the turf was splendid and the desire of the Veterinary CR to confirm the improvement of their game were clear.

The attendance of players improved with respect to the previous party, since it was had eighteen cash. Also we counted in the band with the presence of Probe, Vanessa, Tere, Marta and the father of Guishe (that happened unnoticed because of its piston rod, that did not present/display it to the rest of the equipment: Guishe, very badly).

From the first minute it was obvious that Veterinary it had entered the party with many desire and the cold head. In the initial section, the push of the advantage and the kicks of Guille took the game to the zone of 22 opposite, although without turning the territorial dominion into points, due to problems in the control of the serve of lateral. In spite of some bad reception, the package of veterinary forwards soon obtained to a test by push, leaving the marker in 5-0.

As it were possible to hope, the equipment of the Channel reacted, increasing the pressure on the opposite advantage. The Veterinary CR changed as much of tactics deciding on the game at the hand with the line, that was extremely effective, by the advance in meters, like by the maintenance of the possession. This change of strategy caused the arrival to the zone of 22 of Channel with relative facility, although without being able to define the plays by the instability of the serves of lateral and melés, that was not so controlled as in previous parties.

Then one of the key plays of the encounter took place: good followed serve of lateral of maul stable that advances towards woods pushed by all the advantage, but that, finally, stagnates to five meters of the line of mark. Poney, the veterinary means of melé, decides abrir to the line quickly that cleanly transfers the oval one towards the wing where the zaguero Luispa, that is gotten up to the attack, obtains enayo (10-0).

From that moment, the veterinary confidence increased considerably and an excellent game was developed during several minutes, with the dedicated line to break through the rival defense and to gain meters, whereas the advantage went in its support by all the field. The veterinary line also gave to the pressure on the opposite and fruit of her, Ratilla, doing honor to its nickname, intercepted I passed opposite and it escaped by speed to try under woods of the Channel, locating ample a 17-0 in the marker.

The subsequent relaxation of the Veterinary CR, that saw encarrilado the party, caused two consecutive errors that gave back the emotion to the confrontation, arriving itself with a 17-10 at the rest.

In the renewal, both equipment redoubled their efforts animated by the victory anxieties. At the outset nobody was able to be elevated in dominating clearly, but gradually, the veterinary line assumed the leadership of its equipment and defined the situation, as much in attack as in defense. The Veterinary CR secured a new test in a great joint play of equipment, where the advantage transferred the oval one near of the zone of test and it abrió there it to Guille, that, with an uncontrollable power and verticalidad, crossed the line of mark dragging to three impotent rivals who tried to restrain it. The veterinarians returned to be distanced in the marker (22-10).

An ample segment of the party with alternating dominion passed until Channel, in a good one and continued play, took the ball up to five meters of the zone of mark. There they had a punishment blow, where the confusion in the mark from the veterinary advantage, caused a Picardy test (22-15).

The marking fit one made possible that a single play changed the course of the party. Conscious of the importance of the victory, the Veterinary CR sent to the load looking for a test more than it provided a comfortable advantage to him. All the players gave themselves with ardor and the intensity of the game grew, making vibrate to the launching slip to the slow, but untiring rate, of the advance towards the zone of rival mark. Three phases of advantage towards the right, other three towards the left and to five meters of the line of test, abierta ball, happen, two you happen, three you happen and arrives the oval one at Pebels, that fixes the last defender and yields to LuisPa so that it tries free of mark. Superb play and a perfect definition that put the 29-15 in the marker, in the end, definitive.

It would agree to emphasize, the spirit of fight and the delivery of all the players, conscious and it jeopardize with the importance of the party. In particular it is possible to emphasize the work of the veterinary line that did one of the best parties of all the season, as much in defense as in attack.

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