Chronicle of the disputed party the 25 of February of 2006
CR Architecture 49 - 15 CR Veterinary




Special collaboration of the Eaglet, that replaced to Homer (absent to realize photos of internacioneales parties) in the photographic tasks:

Vamoscoño. After an infraction of the rival, Veterinary medicine kicks to the band, with the aim of gaining touch, pushing and to try. And some test of those had…

Ogival arc. Graphical example of ominous melé veterinary during the party. Discharge, deslavazada, uncoordinated… when an alignment of commitment with the lack of training is joined, the rare thing is that they do not fail plus these things…

Never mais. Our Nemesis during the party, one of the little angels descended from national, threatens escaping by nth time. Everything is said: it gained many meters and it put to us in ridiculous situation in a pair of occasions, but a pair of good placajes took and it did not get to try.

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