Chronicle of the disputed party the 18 of February of 2006
CR Majadahonda 17 - 31 CR Veterinary




Magnificent photos in charge of the man with more powerful objective of rugby Madrilenian:

Tuna. By popular request, they return the photos from the serve of lateral of Lismi. In this case, with the added value to see jumping at the same time as the Puppy. Worrisome papada of mature orang-outang the one that is throwing cachorri, by the way…

Biting the dust. Guille has percutido (first against the opposite and soon against the ground) and Lismi and Chucky arrives in time for ruck.

Muslito. Placaje of the house, courtesy of Deivis. The receiver of the same reflects on the reach of its internal damages.

It happens. The Ratovnik, with rictus modosito, hangs the ball to him to Luispa, just before it hunts it to a defender.

My treasure. With more anxieties still than Gollum in the Gentleman of the ring.

Package of forwards. The mammoth pyramid of forwards weapon for the shock.

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