Chronicle of the disputed party the 11 of February of 2006
French grammar school 48 - 22 Veterinary CR

Last party of the regular phase of the league against the leader of the classification. The wonderful sunny afternoon and the perfect state of the game land invited to enjoy a good party of rugby.

The attendance of players of the Veterinary CR was in favor conditional of the injuries, but it reached the fifteen players more two substitutes of luxury. Also we counted in the band with the presence of Homer, Tato, Puppy, the fianc2ee and the brother of Joako, Ana (friend of Germa'n), the fianc2ee of Chuky (that arrived at the smoke of the candles, like habitually) and than a more illustrious and unconditional partner of veterinary medicine, Gastón Father.

Over the referee we preferred not to refer anything, because it rains on dunked.

The encounter began clearly with the absence of a dominator, the defenses were dominated almost always the attacks in both zones of twenty-two, the party was very even.

The game of the Veterinary CR was more fluid than in other occasions and the transition between advantage and line was realized with simplicity and speed. Both first veterinary tests were obtained with the shared in common effort of all the package of forwards, after one touche and a powerful push of maul, nevertheless, the dominion of the game abierto on the part of the French Grammar school motivated that it was arrived at the rest with 20-10 in the marker.

In the renewal, the Grammar school seized of the initiative. The advantage of the Veterinary CR flojeó in its dominion of melés, losing the clarity in the possession and causing that the party passed in veterinary field, where the Grammar school unfolded good rugby at the hand, leaning in its zaguero and one of its wings.

Nevertheless, the Veterinary CR did not lose the face the party, and in a phenomenal individual play of Gastón it was able to trim the advantage in the marker. Of here until the end, the party, that had been hard but clean, became in marrullero and dirty by the attitude of the Grammar school, that still going clearly ahead in the marker, decided on the unsportsmanlike game: pisotones unwarranted and dangerous, slowed down placajes and some puñetazo.

The Veterinary CR reacted since usually it does it in these cases, attacks, it attacks and more attack; with this dynamics it obtained the last test of the party, after multiple phases of relaunching. An exceptional test that sweetened the defeat partly.

It would agree to emphasize, the cold head that the veterinarians maintained before the unjustifiable aggressions of the adversary, especially Gastón, who was stepped on in the head and continued the party, and Jea with a rib bruised by a slowed down placaje. Obélix hurt the shoulder when obtaining the last test, we wished him here from a quick recovery.

The Veterinary CR must in the last improve their performance twenty minutes of the party, where their flaquea physical form affecting to the concentration and the game generally.


Magnificent photos in charge of the man with more powerful objective of rugby Madrilenian:

Placador. Lismi returns to become a hollow between the photos of the day, thanks to a placaje of fine execution, with which it is able to show others seen to us of his gallumbos (in this occasion, diria that more conventional)

Hugs. Chuck gives the hug of the death to a rival. Any day of these really surprises to us with a placaje. You observe what delicious carrillitos…

Jesulín. The king of the visual comedy returns to Veterinary medicine. He does not know himself what is more impressive: his rictus torn, its pants of archbishop or those bracitos of girl running. Jesulín, you plows the man!

And test. Gastón demonstrates that little it matters to have the touched body while there is blood in the veins and a encorajinado test is marked, of which as much like.

Earthquake. Guiller attacks what brave bull, taking ahead to small ones homínidos.

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