Chronicle of the disputed party the 4 of February of 2006
Getafe CR 50 - 17 CR Veterinary

Party against an old rival of the Veterinary CR that in the last years has been reinforced with some foreign player. Its rugbístico level has raised, but its field was not in good conditions: little turf and land very very hard.

In Veterinary medicine, to the losses by injury, several familiar commitments were united, that motivated that there were only fifteen players available for the party. In the band we counted the presence of many of the injured ones (Tato, Throws, Juanjo, Ratovnik), futures players (Nicholas) and Tinín, friend of the Probe.

The party as much raised one hard dispute in the line as in advantage. From the first minutes it was possible to be verified that the static phases were dominated by the Veterinary CR, whereas in the abierto game, the veterinarians did not find the way to contain the attack of Getafe.

The game preferred by the veterinarians consisted of gaining meters kicking from the blows to favor, soon to dispute the serve of lateral (especially right throughout the party), to maintain the possession and to push maul to its zone of mark.

Getafe was able to resist the veterinary attempts abrir the game of attack with a pressure, on the brink of madness out of play, that enormously hindered the controlled advance with the oval one.

Although the final result was quite bulky, during many phases of the game the veterinarians took the initiative, but without being able to transform its dominion into points.

It agrees to emphasize the effort realized by all the players and, in particular, Rorri, that the party with a breach in the eyebrow that needed two stitches and by Probe finished that a strong contusion in the nose underwent.

The Veterinary CR will have to intensify their effort in the placaje as well as its imagination when attacking advanced defenses to secure better results in next encounter.


The absence of Homer (that was enjoying the 6 live nations, confuses it to God) forced to that their duties had to be carried out by the hyperkinetic pulse of the Eaglet and the battered camera of the Tato. Thanks to both by the effort and the results obtained with so little means.

Test of advantage. The luck has wanted that the camera captured east magical moment: maul veterinary has penetrated the defenses of the rival and a forward anonymous (although presumably full of strong virilidad he does not exempt of a wisdom that would say chamánica) has planted the oval one after the line of test.

Touch. Agile touch veterinary (with the poney of return to the top of the elevator) fights to gain the serve of the rival. While JEA contemplates the erratic trajectory of the ball.

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