Chronicle of the disputed party the 28 of January of 2006
Veterinary CR 15 - 40 CR San Isidro

The party was disputed in Cantarranas, with a hard field and a frozen atmosphere that the public attendance did not favor absolutely.

Although the Veterinary CR had many losses by injury, could complete an acceptable equipment, complemented by a pair of very necessary changes. In the band we counted on the presence of Homi, Tato and Pablo.

The party began with veterinary dominion, that to the few minutes was materialized in an advantage test, after maul that progressed more than ten meters (5-0).

This beginning on both sides spurred to the equipment of San Isidro, giving rise constant to minutes of balance and attacks. In one of its approaches to the twenty-two zone of veterinary medicine, San Isidro decided to throw to woods, placing his first points in the marker (5-3).

The Veterinary CR returned to be able to take the game near the opposite zone of test, but without being able to score, until San Isidro robbed a ball and obtained his first test (5-10), leaving something stunned to the veterinarians who received another test of almost consecutive form in a penetration by the band (5-15).

Still it was much party and nothing was determined, the veterinarians again managed to play in the zone of twenty-two opposite but without obtaining the longed for points, as much by errors in the last meters as by the aggressive defense of San Isidro.

Finally, a good play of the veterinary line allowed them to trim distances in the marker and to arrive more at the rest with a rough estimate fit to the merits from both (10-15).

The second part began of identical way to first, with the Veterinary CR to the attack, looking for the test and obtaining the igulada one in the marker with good maul (15-15). The test, nevertheless, did not frighten San Isidro, who pressed with his package of forwards, winning meters and forcing the veterinarians to defend in complicated positions or of inferiority.

The failures of placaje on the part of Veterinary medicine caused that San Isidro formed good mauls and obtained a new test (15-20). As of this moment, San Isidro I especially appropriate the party and the initiative, realizing more mauls and successive screws that the Veterinary CR did not know to defend, by the closed side, where those of San Isidro secured several tests until adding forceful a 15-40 in the marker, that did not reflect the equality during great part of the party.

It would agree to emphasize the effort realized by all the players, as much in the physical facet as in his delivery during the party. The Veterinary CR must improve their placaje and its vision of the defensive game not to lose the initiative in all the party.


Images of the party secured by our official photographer Homer, excellent work.

Losing Touch. Although touches were a few fast that were rather well, this snapshot teaches to the Puppy jumping like a luck of dantzari gigantón to us and driven crazy. We must work it more

In all the tocha. Until the great placadores they leave from time to time trasquilados. Here we see how Guille finds the elbow of the rival, with painful (it is possible to imagine) results.

First. They are beautiful, are powerful. The adamantine end of melé veterinary is prepared to strike once again (and to be struck).

Pachi. The forward hits, tour, and their companions arrive in support, preparations to protect the ball, to group themselves, and to begin the push. To maul is born.

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