Chronicle of the disputed party the 21 of January of 2006
CR UAM 26 - 14 CR Veterinary

First party after the Christmas parenthesis of almost two months formed by a day's halt, a party postponed with the Grammar school and parón of the league. This circumstance influenced in the form state to confront one of the parties of maximum rivalry, where the Veterinary CR had the urgent necessity to gain a direct rival to elude liguilla of reduction.

The attendance of players was remarkable, being people sufficient to present/display good a fifteen, besides having several substitutes of organization. In the band we counted on Homi, Tato, Germa'n, the father of Joaquin and more people of its family, the fianc2ee of Guille and friendly, etc… Representation very nourished.

Given the importance of the party, the nerves were to skin flower and although from the beginning, the pressure of Veterinary medicine was evident, taking the game to the twenty-two zone of opposite, times by nerves and others by precipitation, conseguió not to transform the dominion into points.

The UAM did not try to let itself press constantly and used their arms at the most opportune moment. Thus its first test, when they very kicked, very long arrived, that did not leave and was gaining meters towards the zone of mark, the veterinarians did not puedieron to intercept the ball and put they it within the zone of mark.

With the marker in 7-0, the Veterinary CR retook the pressure on the independent advantage and the line, arriving next to the line of opposite mark in several occasions but without trying, until, veterinary means melé, Pony, removed a ball from ruck to 5 meters it put and it in the zone of test.

With the sensible rough estimate (7-7), the party changed momentáneamento of course, the UAM began to shake the dominion and to create more danger, until with another excellent kick, it obtained the second test (14-7).

The players of Veterinary medicine did not fold and to the few minutes, they managed to transfer the game next to the zone of opposite mark. It was then when It throws, after an excellent race, plugged a defensive kick of the opening of the UAM, leaving the oval one within his zone of mark and Pony, kind to rejects, captured and put the ball, obtaining the even one in the marker (14-14), and so it was arrived at the end of the first part.

In the second part, the veterinarians did not puedieron to overcome to culminate it because the UAM was able to complicate the possession to them of the ball, as much in the serves of lateral, like in meles or in the balls abiertos to the line. Its defensive pressure prevented that Veterinary it made profitable his possessions with advances in the field.

In attack, the UAM tried to transfer the ball of one to another band, being more dynamic and being disordered the veterinary defense until the attainment of his third test. Of at the end of the party anything it changed here in the noun. The veterinarians did not surrender, but they were incapable to surpass the independent defense, that robbed a ball and, to the counterattack obtained the last test that I leave a marker definitive of (26-14).

In order to finalize, it would agree to emphasize the return to lands of game of Jose, after an important injury of ankle and the great effort realized by Jea to attend the party (we hoped that Santa Madre Church and its family is misericordes).


Graphical testimony contributed by Homer, that, to popular request, has made disappear the monolithic water mark. We give thanks to our official photographer, who has managed to domeñar his gargantuesco ego in the measured joust to obtain the feat.

Crazy Guiputxi, v.1.3. We cannot stop showing, once again, the versatile plasticity of the face of Lismi while the Touch jumps. In this occasion, in addition, it gives with a vision lightning to us of one of its gallumbos of design…

Plakador. Another classic image, Guille already stopping in dry to the rival.

Always to the support. The puppy loads, with the advantage, headed by Rorri and wrapped by Luispa, to the support…

Penetrating the defense. The power and determination of Obélix cause that it is very difficult to stop to him.

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