Chronicle of the disputed party the 19 of November of 2005
Veterinary CR 24 - 26 CR Majadahonda

The time was excellent for the practice from rugby but the field of Cantarranas did not present/display so good aspect. To enough veterinarians this gave back to its time of players of University Liga, when the parties in this field were a habitual appointment.

The attendance of players was the worse one of the present season, many losses by injury together with certain losses by labor reasons, they made us present/display us to the party just by 15 players, or better, gladiators, by the sacrifice and the delivery that demonstrated the party throughout. In the band we had the presence of Violet, Tere, Anette, Homi, Tato, Baboon, Jose and Little Paul Avendaño (with its powerful shouts).

The party began being dominated by the equipment majariego, taking to them to both transform a blow of punishment (0-3) to minutes of the beginning. This circumstance spurred to the veterinary equipment, that pressed the line majariega and redoubled the push of its forwards, obtaining like fruit a test of maul culminated by Obélix and transformed by Pony, leaving a 7-3 in the marker.

The reaction of the CR Majadahonda was not made hope and with a dynamic game between advantage and line, they were able to create a space that it was profiteer by its wing well to try, returning to go ahead in the marker (7-8). The following minutes were of alternating dominion, where the veterinary line I carry out a great defensive and offensive work, although could not be materialized in points.

Shortly after, a great play of the equipment majariego, breaking the waist of forwards and line, finished in test (7-13). At these moments, the party clearly was dominated by the CR Majadahonda, although the veterinarians did not occur by defeated and persisted in the fight.

After several plays with dominion alternative, CR Veterinary had opportunity to form good maul to 30 meters and rest pushed it without until little meters of line of mark, where it was demolished of deliberate form according to the criterion of the referee, who granted a punishment test, and fed the veterinary hopes to overcome the party.

In the last minute of the first Majadahonda part wrote down a blow, leaving a 12-16 at the end of the first time.

In the second part, the veterinary equipment left convinced that it could overcome the disadvantage and gain the victory, for which, fought from the first minute to the last one. With this idea in mind one was developed aggravated mammoth fight by the control of the ball, where the forwards of the Veterinary CR were clearly superiors in the serve of lateral, but, inferiors habitually in melés.

This instability in the control of the ball, prevented that the attacks arrived at the decisive meters. During this phase of the game, the equipment majariego enjoyed a blow that transformed leaving the marker into 12-19.

In spite of going underneath in the marker, the veterinary CR did not become weak and redoubled the effort of their line and advantage. For want of 15 minutes for the end, another play of push of maul took, them to realize a new test secured jointly by Juanan and Guipu, that the marker made level (17-19) and fortified the confidence in the overcome one.

The Veterinary CR was appropriated the initiative of the party, as much in the advantage as in the line, that arrived at the supports and maintained the possession. At the worse moment, an unfortunate play arrived: a center majariego intercepted leapfrogs dangerous in center of the field and stumbles of the veterinary zaguero allowed him to try under woods (17-26).

In spite of the hard blow, the veterinary attitude did not change, but it became more intense. The fifteen veterinarian, logically exhausted by the effort and with several players half injured (Juanan, Deivis, etc.) continued trying to overcome the party and, for want of 3 minutes for the end, he secured a test through Patxi, that culminated a good play of line and advantage (24-26).

Realizing a last death effort, the Veterinary CR managed to approach the ball ten meters of the line of mark, being maintained the possession with a serve of lateral; it was the last opportunity to form one of mauls that so good result they had given them and to obtain a right prize to the great realized effort. Unfortunately, the serve of lateral was not good and the time the ball with a kick to the band concluded when clearing the majariegos.

In order to finalize, effort realized by all the veterinary players would agree to emphasize grandísimo, as much in the physical aspect as in the delivery in the field, besides the personal sacrifice to even continue playing with evident injuries by the absence of substitutes: they stood out Guiputxi that had an elbow inflamed by a fall in motorcycle and the Eaglet that played half of the second part with a distension of the internal ligament of the knee. Thanks to them.


Graphical testimony contributed by Homer:

To the ground. Resopla, resopla, candy wind of Constantinople.

Unstoppable. Maul compact, with good you take hold, the low center of gravity. It is pleasant.

The hands upwards… The eaglet owns a peculiar way to arm itself for the placaje. The witty verses of “the dance come to your mind from gorila.

Serve of lateral. With each party, with each touch, with each photo, the face of speed, concentration and constipation of the artist before met as Cuñao is had with new and surprising shades.

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