Chronicle of the disputed party the 12 of November of 2005
Channel 27 - 22 CR Veterinary

Although the morning rose very chilly, at the time of the party, the time was exceptional for the practice from rugby, accompanied by a superb land by game by the University Juan Carlos I in Alcorcón, where the Veterinary CR played for the first time.

The attendance of veterinary players was considerable (19), which allowed that they had a fifteen balance and changes in the band that supported at the necessary moments. In addition, in the band also it was counted on the presence of Vanesa (faithful fianc2ee), our Violet physiotherapist, Homi (official photographer), Tato and Baboon (injured), Capullón (left among the shades) and two friendly of Probe (to which there is to be thankful for the recording to them of the encounter).

The party began on both sides with something of disagreement, not being evident who dominated the ball. During these first minutes, Channel was able to arrive at the zone of 22 veterinary medicine and to transform a blow very centered, abriendo the marker with 3-0.

After this first stage, the veterinary equipment concentrated and had so much the oval one, as of the territorial dominion of the game. Thanks to this superiority they secured the first test, in a great play of line culminated by Ratovnik with later transformation of Ponch, that ponia a 3-7 in the marker.

The development of the game as much showed that the serve of lateral of Channel was superior to the veterinarian, winning with facility its serves as some of the veterinarians. Exactly the opposite happened to melés, that clearly was dominated by the veterinarians. In the open game the veterinary superiority seemed manifest, although defended very well by the constant supports of the channel, as much of its line as of its advantage.

Within this dynamics, a new test arrived from the Veterinary CR as a result of the collaboration between line and advantage: after a pair of attack phases, the oval one was abrió to the line transferred that it until the opposite side, where the wing (Probe) supported a companion to maintain the possession and around him maul formed that the veterinary forwards pushed until turning it into test, 3-12 in minute 16.

The tonic of the party did not change, although Channel turned another blow from the zone of 22 veterinary medicine, shortening the distance in the marker to 6-12. Next, Rorri was temporarily expelled to throw itself in maul and this spurred the players of Channel, who seeing itself in numerical superiority, increased to the intensity of their game and the pressure on the opposites, but without result.

Minutes later another great play of the veterinary line in several phases gave like result the third test, secured by LuisPa, that it clearly left in the marker a 6-19 at the end of the first part.

Right in the renewal, “Guipu” realized a play that than more absurd, was infantile, obtaining that the referee expelled to him during 10 minutes. This condemned the Veterinary CR to play with 13 in the phase of the party where the opposites attacked with more energy, being forced to them to realize a over-exertion that later would pay. Nevertheless, Channel did not reach to transform the superiority into points.

In this situation, one arrived from the absurd plays of the party, where the veterinary confusion allowed a culminated fast serve of lateral with a test under woods of Channel, placing a 13-19 in the marker in minute 43. This test animated to the equipment of Channel that, from that moment, took the initiative from the party to securing a new test under woods, going ahead in the rough estimate and ruining the good veterinary work of the first part.

The Veterinary CR reunited the 22 forces as opposite could to go away to and to ahead obtain a blow to favor that was turned by Ponch, being placed in the marker (20-22). But the party had still not finished, Channel, in spite of having only 13 players due to individual temporary explusiones, was able to retake the initiative and to give the return to the marker with another test under woods (27-22).

The veterinarians planted face to the adversity and took the game up to 5 meters of the line of opposite mark, where they had several occasions to reach the victory, but, times by descoordinación and others by individualities incorrectly undertaken, could not surpass the great defense realized by the players of the Channel.

It is necessary to be thankful for the great effort realized by the veterinary players, although they would commit many infantile errors that took to them to lose, the first initiative, and later the party. It is had potential and ambition, but, also is necessary to try to maintain the concentration to make the opportune decisions at the decisive moments. It agrees to emphasize the opening like veterinary player of Pachi, that disputed to its first party defending the green and black t-shirt. We wished the best one him of the luck and hoped that it offers great moments us of rugby.


Our official photographer, Homer, contribute the following schematics:

Thick-lipped perrunos
and it weighs anchor of Very small:
And Gromenagüer!

It cannot happen. The Guiputxi pijo is given to the ecstasy while it manipulates the escrotal zone of a rival.

Plakaplaka. An example more of the ferocious veterinary defense, with Guille doing suplex on the contrary.

Lupapar. Dynamic placaje of the famous “placador dwarf”.

Hug of friend. The rat, to the purest style “Great American hero”, flies to placar to an attacker of the rival equipment.

Gepeto. Poetry in movement. Perhaps the face of “slow motion” of the Probe will not be strange to which they have seen him run, although yes will be surprised by the strange placaje “Mr. Fantástico” of the Poney (and the fibrous aspect of left his braciño).

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