Chronicle of the disputed party the 5 of November of 2005
CR Three Songs 5 - 34 Veterinary CR

The Saturday the 5 of November Veterinary CR disputed the fourth party of the regular phase of Liga in the field of rugby of the Independent University of Madrid. The morning was cold although sunny and the field was something heavy. Luckyly, in spite of the warning in extremis of the federation on the change of the hour of the party, all the veterinary players available (not too many because of the injuries and also of some many-colored commitments) could be noticed and they were concentrated to the stated time.

In the band, there was too much no public (it drives away them to the cold with facility), but were the majority of the injured players (Tato, Pebels, Jose, Baboon) contributing the sand granite who can, those that soon will comprise of the equipment (Pachi and Pablo) and our official photographer with copyright, Homer.

The veterinarians did not seem concentrates too much during the first minutes of the party and although they enjoyed the possession of the oval one, were not able to transform this possession into points, times by own errors and others by success of the defense tribar. The CR Three Songs was able to spin a good attack of line in one of their possessions and with the support of the advantage, it surpassed with facility the veterinary defense, putting the 5-0 in the marker.

This test forced the Veterinary CR to fit the defense in the possessions of the rival and spurred to the players, increasing its defensive motivation. During this phase of the game, an unjustifiable aggression of a player of Three Songs to our opening took place; the referee sanctioned the infraction expelling from the field with red card to the aggressor.

Once tranquilized the spirits, the veterinary overcome one with individual tests of Gas and Guiputxi, this last one began after a phenomenal play of counterattack of the line, where Ratovnik pressed the reception of a kick until robbing the ball, received the support of Rorri and this it attended Guiputxi, that escaped by speed stuck to the line of lateral until reaching the zone of test. He arrived himself at the rest with a provisional result of 5-10, that maintained the uncertainty facing the second part.

In the renewal, the veterinary equipment left with new determination and much more it pushes, it took advantage of the numerical advantage and it dominated territorially to the game, obtaining three new tests: first obtained by Gas breaking the line tribar; the second, put by the Poni after the push of melé veterinary and the third party obtained by Juanan in maul of the advantage when coming out of a serve of lateral.

The party concluded with a test of punishment by voluntary landslide of maul veterinary in attack to two meters of the line of mark, after fifteen meters of shining push. The final result was 5-34.

It seems that the Veterinary CR has been able to impose a clear line of improvement that can be verified so much in the training as in some phases of the party. Still they are many aspects that to improve but are obvious that with the effort of all players and when it recovers to the different ones injured, the equipment continues its ascending line.

We wish to make a special mention of Joako, that all the party with an important cold played, and of the Puppy, that also average party with an injury played of which not yet it was restored totally. Thanks to both by its effort and we wished a quick improvement them.


Our official photographer, Homer, captured the following snapshots:

Four to by him. The Eaglet, with its habitual expresividad, picks up a serve of center and attacks four rivals, who postran themselves before their power. The poney, snatched, intones one saeta.

TTMH (Talk to my hand). Plastic photo, with the always colorful (and aided) subject of Guishe doing “hand-off” and chafando the noses to him to an opposite.

Plakaplaka. A veterinarian nonidentified (some say that the Eaglet) plate with forcefulness to the conflicting opening of Three Songs.

Maul. The veterinary package, spurred by the poney (what irony), advances powerful.

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