Chronicle of the disputed party the 22 of October of 2005
Veterinary CR 14 - 26 Alcobendas Rugby

The Saturday the 22 of October Veterinary CR played the third party of the regular phase of Liga in Cantarranas, traditional university field where all rugbier Madrilenian that boasts it must at least once have played in the life. It had rained much the previous night and the field was heavy and embarrado in some zones, auguring a party in which the advantages would have more protagonism by the difficulty to play the hand in such conditions.

The attendance of veterinary players was very decreased by injuries, diseases and some that another erratic attitude, this circumstance forced the equipment to make an alignment outside the habitual thing, with many displaced players of its ordinary positions. In the band, next to the numerous public who had come to animate to equipment that played before, we counted on the support of Homer, Tato, Pebels, Jose and our Violet masseur.

The party had a hopeful beginning, with a clear veterinary dominion that opposite was able to transfer the game to the zone of 22. Unfortunately, the advantage, ballast by its instability in the serve of lateral, did not know to materialize its superiority and was incapable to try in the average dozen of occasions that it had to obtain it.

The line indeed was very active in defense, realizing continuous aid and redoubling to avoid hollows; in attack, it did not manage to create superiority, although, in several occasions, yes more effectiveness managed to gain the line of advantage to be able to receive the support of the forwards with much.

On the contrary that the Veterinary CR, Alcobendas did not pardon and obtained individual tests in the few occasions which it had. Thus it was arrived at the end of the first part with a paradoxical result of 0-12, because the veterinarians exerted a territorial dominion but they were not able to turn it into points.

In the second part, the veterinary CR continued dominating although it failed of inexplicable way in the final meters. The serve of lateral followed without being the powerful weapon of previous parties and although melés was almost all green, the tests did not arrive. Finally, after trying it much, in a blow to 5 meters, Obelix he took the initiative and he instilled the necessary spirit so that the veterinarians obtained the first test, that was completed with the transformation of Pony, that left in the marker a 7-12 hopeful one.

Minutes later, Veterinary medicine again enjoyed an opportunity to reduce the distance in the marker, with a blow to favor that was not test by very little. Alcobendas prevented the overcome one again marking because of the Veterinary errors in happens and locating the 7-19 in the marker.

Loa veterinary continued fighting, something devoid of order, but obtaining another test like prize, obtained by Juanan thanks to the push of the advantage. The result returned to reflect a difference of 5 points, a still superable distance by the veterinary eagerness.

At these moments, the party was completely broken and could have gained equipment either; at such moments, the concentration, the extreme effort and the cold head usually provide the best results, lamentably, the Veterinary CR did not know to maintain the tension and received a last test, finishing the party with a 14-26, that does not show the equality that existed in the land of game between both opponents.


Just returned from its tour by the Americas, Homer realized the following photographies:

Quarrel. The Eaglet, driven crazy before the vision of its own blood dimming a cotton, requests justice for the Saharahui town

Protecting the ball. The mastodon of Hortaleza advances, Slowly but surely. Chucky resopla to its back.

To continue advancing. Guille carries to its backs a rival player, hurt in combat.

It happens of the death. Nótese the gesture of terror of the Probe that, in view of the opposite zaguero, indeed sees pass the death before its eyes.

Serve of lateral. Of the few that came out well. It is appraised the face of hernia of the Eaglet, and the fleshy boulder of Chuck.

Maul before test. Both responsible for the Web they fight not to separate (to the purest style Jack and Rose) when the green tide attacks.

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