Chronicle of the disputed party the 16 of October of 2005
Complutensian CR 44 - 22 Veterinary CR

The Sunday the 16 of October CR Veterinary disputed to their divided second of the regular phase of the league in the field of the Polideportivo Valley of Canes situated in Pozuelo. The morning was sunny and causes for the opening of the equipment in a field of artificial turf (rubber shaving, rather), circumstance that did not influence in the party nor in the result, safe by small annoyances in the feet of those players who used tacos of aluminum.

The veterinary equipment had 20 cash to dispute the encounter. Also it counted on the support from the band of Jose (almost recovered of its fracture in the ankle in act on watch), Puppy (with esguince very recent in circumstances nonclarified) and Magui (that promised to come to animate frequently). In addition, Tere, promised of JEA and substitute photographer along with a pair of youngsters who took care of of our Puppy put the feminine touch to the veterinary public. The party was directed by an excellent referee of national, who favored the correct and even showy development of the game. Thus it is easier to play rugby.

The party began of way similar to the one of the previous day, where the greater weight could be verified and pushes of the veterinary advantage that, helped by the Gas kicks, was able to arrive at the 22 opposite with certain possibilities of test. After first minutes of uncertainty, the first test arrived from veterinary medicine, secured in a serve of lateral by push of all the advantage (0-5). The reaction of the Complutensian ones was not made hope and in one of the following plays they managed to try and to transform, going ahead in the marker (7-5).

The following phases of the game returned to reflect what would be the general tonic of the party, Veterinary medicine had more force in the static phases and gained meters disputing melés and the serves of lateral, but the Complutensian CR dominated the game abierto in counterattack. In this way it secured a new test and it transformed a punishment blow, locating in the marker clearly a 17-5.

The Veterinary CR could have reduced the difference in a succession of plays of advantage to 5 meters of the line of mark, enjoying besides a numerical superiority by the expulsion of an opposite, but it could not turn it into points. During all the first part, the veterinary defense knew disrupt an offensive of the Complutensian line, not letting to them play comfortably and preventing that progressed with facility.

In the Veterinary rest it realized two substitutions, Chuky by Joako and Cutuli by Pebbels, although the dynamics of the party did not change in its essence, but it would be possible to be affirmed that each equipment was dedicated to operate of the best possible way its qualities, thus, Complutensian it tried four times playing the hand and Veterinary medicine tried three pushing with its advantage.

This interchange of tests during all the second part, avoided that Veterinary it gave the sensation of being able to overcome the party, since each annotation was responded with a Complutensian test to the few minutes.

In summary, the Veterinary CR was not able to defend the abierto game of effective form, nor knew to resist the created superiorities of continuous form by the Complutensian ones, as much by the inclusion of forwards in the line, like by the redoubling of the own players of the line.

It is obvious that the Veterinary CR will have to improve this facet of the game, to avoid that the opposite equipment can try only with the effort to transfer the ball until the wing. We hope that therefore the result of the next party is favorable.

Finally we would like to emphasize the return to lands of game of Chuky, absent many months by different injuries (softness according to says the bad languages), of Tato, also it absents by mysterious injuries and of Cutuli that has returned to the equipment, after several years dedicated in body and soul to the consultancy. We wish that all of them happily play many seasons more in the veterinary rows.


Tere, in the absence of Homer, realized a wonderful work of substitute photographer and caught the following moments:

To be able mental. The Poney attracts the ball towards himself. The power of the mind (horse) on the matter, demonstrated.

Superiority. Melé veterinary, powerful against fiber the rich advantage of the CRC.

The veterinary pillars. “Golúmenes, to pilier, those Are your that sulibeyan to me”

Veterinary line the 3/4, like the register peppers: they are fattys, and others non.

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