Chronicle of the disputed party the 1 of October of 2005
Veterinary CR 36 - 19 CD Architecture

Saturday 1 of October of 2005 the Veterinary CR disputed their first party of league of the regular phase of the present season, in the field of the Independent University of Madrid. The morning was sunny and warm, the turf of the game land was in perfect state and the signaling of the field, something very frequent in the UAM, was quite defective.

One nourished veterinary liking formed by the parents, companions and spouses of the players with longer trajectory in the club, enjoyed the victory and the wonderful summery day from the launching slip. It is possible to emphasize the presence of the eight lads that, so far and whereas the players use their energies only in the game land, they conform the future Veterinary generation; all seem to have inherited the chaste one of their ancestors, that shakes the rivals!

The attendance of players (19) of Veterinary medicine was promising, although some, victims of the excesses nocturnes, arrived something behind schedule. The CD Architecture, by causes that we do not know, did not have 15 players to the beginning of the encounter, so the shock with only 13 players began. Mr. Axel Ginhson arbitrated the party.

From the beginning it was possible to be verified that the push of the veterinary advantage was superior, helped without a doubt by the numerical superiority. After a series of persistent veterinary attacks, the first test arrived from the line secured by Probe from the closed position of wing. Later it was Gas that tried in two occasions crossing with soltura the line of defense of the advantage of Architecture. Until that moment, the veterinary superiority was evident, although they committed many errors forced you do not pass in them. As of this moment, the party gave to a turn nonwished towards the hardness and the dirty game. In one of these plays, a component of Veterinary medicine was sanctioned with red card. Before finalizing the first part Architecture it secured his first test.

In second half, the CD Architecture reclaimed a player, happening to have fourteen and equaling the number of the veterinarians. In the starting phase, as much the advantage as the veterinary line progressed with the ball, obtaining that its equipment enjoyed more time ball possession and that the game was developed in rival field, although in the final meters they were not able to transform into points its superiority; finally, after several approaches they were able to try.

In one of the later plays when the party passed in the 22 of Architecture, their players reclaimed the ball, constructed a line attack and tried, returning to reduce the veterinary advantage in the marker and seeding the doubt on the victory in their rivals. After minutes of veterinary, agravated disorganization by the temporary loss of its means-mele, the advantage when coming out realized an exceptional push of a serve of lateral in 22, that culminated in a new test and practically left the party determined. From that moment to the end, the party consisted of an interchange of attacks and counterattacks that finished with tests for both equipment.

It would agree to emphasize the return to lands of rugby of one of but the charismatic players of the Veterinary CR and Co-founder of the club, Antonio Leon Villapalos (alias “Tonette”), recovered finally of the injury that separated to him from the field during one long season. It is welcome his wisdom as well as its delivery in the field.


Homer, in its work of official photographer captured the following snapshots:

Deivis plate. Placaje of book of the captain.

Maul. Shouts, sweat, resoplidos. The essence of maul.

Tony to the attack. Tony returns to trotar by the field. Nótese how their joints seem to have more game than those of the rest of the mortals. We are, without a doubt, before a superman.

Hooligans. For want of the piston rods of Carlinchi, the veterinary seed to the complete one. They begin to arise the vandalic and autodestructivas attitudes that the lads have inherited of their parents.

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