Chronicle of the disputed party the 13 of March of 2005


The equipment appeared motivated, perhaps in excess, to the established hour. The Sidi had chosen an uncomfortable date and hour, Sunday very morning. In spite of it, and reedited the pleasant surprise of the previous day, one nourished representation of the veterinary fan (whose existence we only intuited until that moment) made formal appearance. The morning was sunny. A great day for rugby.

Veterinary medicine presented/displayed a fifteen similar to the one of the away game, with no remarkable absence in the advantage and with a somewhat inexperienced, but reliable line, and a bench something more colonizing than in the away game.

The situation was similar to the one of the away game, if not better. For that reason I do not reach to explain to me very well what happened.

From pitido initial, it was clear that the veterinary dominion of the previous party was not going to be the tonic of this one: perhaps by fear scenic of Veterinary medicine, perhaps because the Sidi-Hidi made the duties and knew to neutralize all the elements that were determining in their defeat, was this second equipment that took the initiative at any moment. Although the veterinary advantage maintained a certain dominion in mauls, was this one the unique point of green superiority: melés was not praised/poured off in favor of any equipment, touches began well for us and was degenerating gradually… and in the line, all the elements that shone in the away game showed dull and ineffective in this one: Gastón, aside from a few excellent kicks to the band, was not especially desequilibrante in attack; Guille, a nightmare for the rival defense in the going, happened practically unnoticed now; the boarding schools of Luispa from the rear were stopped right away, and instead of breakage in the rival defense they became losses of ball in our field.

, Thus slow but inexorably, the Sidi was increasing its advantage, protected in the progressive inoperancia of Vet, and leaning in its excellent line, that created continuous occasions of danger. Veterinary medicine fought, but it was not able to overturn the tendency.

With second half, the breach went making insurmountable, and Veterinary medicine finished losing the papers, and with them the party. In order to finish fixing the things, the terrible arbitration added a desperation and tension extra to the veterinary spirit, that ended up clearing the hysteria. And, already like finishing touch, in an unfortunate play, Jose became damage in the leg: breakage of peroné and the ligament, of which it has had to be operated.

At the time of pitido final, the result was of 41-20. The advantage of 21 points was enough to the Sidi Hidi to overcome the disadvantage of the away game, and it prevailed therefore in the global result of the eliminatory one, eliminating Veterinary medicine in the process.


Homer does not give the best thing if when we lose, but this is what there is…

Guille weapon for the placaje…

The Baboon helps to Juanjo during a epileptic crisis.

Two players hunt to Gastón… a possible explanation of how the Sidi managed to annul our attack.

Manolo Aguirre “Chucky”

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